Today marks my first week with the firm. After a few short days of meeting with amazing people and jumping head first into client business, I am extremely excited to work with such a talented team. Here’s why:

Smart people.   I have always been a good judge of character when first meeting folks. Yeah it’s only been a week but I can already tell that I am surrounded by really smart and genuine colleagues.  Also, I have known Aaron and Chuck for many years now and I hold them both in very high regard. They each played an integral role in my decision to joining the firm.

Innovation. The amount of innovation brewing in this firm is unreal! We are not only a smart and creative integrated comms firm, but the analytics and technology is what really sets us apart from other agencies. Believe it.

Entrepreneurship. My role today is a little undefined and that’s by design. I was told that the management team didn’t want to keep me in a box; but rather, allow me to define my own path and determine where I can add value. When I first interviewed, I said multiple times that I wanted to build something. W2O is going to let me build it. I love that.

Regardless of the actual work I will be doing with and for clients, my goals are crystal clear.

  1. Deliver Business Value.  I am a very humble person so I say this with a good and pure heart.  I will bring my A game.  I have been “doing” social for many years now but I also understand how social affects business and how it can be integrated across the entire organization, both internally and externally.
  2. Grow Existing Business. I value client relationships. I have been very successful at organically building teams and growing accounts. I enjoy building relationships and will continue to do this.
  3. Win New Business. There is nothing better than standing up in front of a group of potential clients and talking strategy, pitching ideas and sharing knowledge. It gives me an adrenaline rush. I love it.
  4. Build Something Awesome. I am looking forward to building new, strategic frameworks that help my clients create more effective content strategies. There is an opportunity in the market place to help them connect with their audience using game-changing content that breaks through the clutter and changes consumer behavior. I will only be successful if my clients are successful.

I am incredibly motivated to embark on this journey with the W2O team. I look forward to our continued success and growth.