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Location: San Francisco

W2O received the highest marks in this category for general workplace and employment considerations. The firm provides weekly learning opportunities and invests in training and development for staffers. Leadership at the firm is transparent with communications, openly sharing information with employees.

For new staffers, the agency serves as a welcome and warm environment. Each person at the firm has a mentor and can meet with them each week to share their feelings and question. Team directors and managers also meet with their employees biweekly.

“Viewing their organization as collaborative, fast-paced, and fun, W2O employees are also pleased with the ability of women to advance,” noted one judge.

The agency boasts an impressive benefits package. A newer part of that is the Your Fourth Trimester program, implemented in 2017. The program provides employees with a career coach as they become working parents. Those who have participated in the program said it helped them smoothly and successfully transition into the working parent role.

“Having a coach when I returned from maternity leave was a game changer,” noted one employee. “It solidified how much my company supports working moms.”

Additionally, the agency supports outside-of-the-office team building events, including participation in a weekly kickball league, and regular team happy hours. “People love to hang out together and participate in team sports, volunteerism, company events, and more,” said one staffer.

This post was originally published via PRWeek.

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