Put simply, our firm would not be what it is today without our working Moms. That’s not to say working Dads (I count myself among them) aren’t also a big factor in our success, but working Moms have a special place in the W2O story.

At back-to-school time, I am always struck by the heroic efforts of our working mothers to successfully juggle a multitude of duties. Summer may have brought more fun and relaxation, but this time of year, the anxieties of “getting back to it” whether that be school, business, or just real life, start to kick in.

Working Moms carry multiple challenges ensuring all the plates are spinning in the right manner. They are often the CEO of the household – running the family business of raising the kids and all that entails: sports and activity schedules, class selection and homework, back to school paperwork, meal prep and logistics, as well a host of other unsung tasks. Running a busy and active home would stress out even the most hardened professional – but she also contributes half or more of the family income. W2O working moms do all of this while managing their work tasks, projects, travel to clients, overseeing new business pitches, organizing and leading large accounts, meeting deadlines, managing financials, and supervising the operations of day-to-day business.

We count on them as much or sometimes more than their own husbands, partners and kids.

That’s why we’ve always listened to working mothers about having parental support benefits to reflect their reality. From a generous parental leave policy to flex vacation to our novel and our unique Your Fourth Trimester program, we take being a working Mom very seriously.

So, as we prepare to “get back to school,” I ask that all of us, especially at this time of year, be especially supportive and thoughtful to each other.  It will make a huge difference!

Let’s give a shout out and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. to all our multi-tasking wunderkind working mothers making sure we are always doing what we need to make us all best we can be.


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