Two of our interns, Amanda Dominguez and Janine Bogris, share their experience at W2O.

As we look ahead to our senior year and to continuing the legacy of the Center for Social Commerce, we think it’s important to take a moment to reflect on our summer experiences here at W2O Group. Our time in the New York office has been rooted in client centricity, team work and engaging in a unique company culture that empowers its employees to better themselves while providing the most value for clients. In a short matter of months, we have transformed from communications students to communications professionals. Here’s some of what we learned this summer:

Learning to become client focused, day-in and day-out

Janine: One of my goals going into the summer was to impact others through my work. At W2O, I’ve been able to experience the client and agency partnership process from end-to-end. Even as an intern, I’ve been able to be client-facing, allowing me to build a trusted relationship with both agency and in-house teams.

Amanda: Similarly to Janine, I have been able to directly see how the projects I worked on impacted my team members and our clients this summer. My time and efforts have been put to good use, whether by developing social content, pitching media or weighing in on how to best solve a client’s communications problem.

Adapting to the diversity of work and pace of an agency

Amanda: Working on multiple projects and with different clients has allowed me touch many areas of the business, which has expanded my knowledge far beyond what I anticipated. Experiencing agency life with its constant change, fast pace and multitasking that comes along with it has given me a new appreciation for organization and collaboration. I learned quickly that working closely with my team and fellow interns led to the best results.

Janine: I have often said that while other companies give interns tasks to do, W2O gives us jobs to do. It became clear to me early on that I was going to be an integral part of my teams and that being agile was going to be imperative in this internship. I drafted social content calendars and posted them live to our clients’ social pages. I managed daily monitoring reports to inform clients of conversation surrounding the industry and their companies. I also compiled exploratory research reports which informed the strategy and tactics we recommended to our clients.

Enhancing skills we learned in the classroom at the office

Janine: In just 10 weeks at W2O Group, I’ve been able to really grow and watch the communications techniques I’ve learned in the classroom come to fruition. After starting the summer as a public relations student, I feel like I am leaving as an up-and-coming public relations professional, taking with me the skills and knowledge that will prepare me for my future career.

Amanda: Public relations is a relatively new industry for me, so learning the basics and seeing the integration between different communications functions at an agency have been extremely valuable. I’m excited to apply the skills and perspective I’ve gained at W2O Group to my last year of college and when I join the communications industry after graduation.

Surrounding yourself with positive role models (and resources)

Janine and Amanda: We’ve come to realize the people you surround yourself with directly impact your success. Luckily for us, our managers and team members have been amazing resources and provided us with guidance that will follow us throughout our careers.

We’re incredibly grateful for this opportunity and we’d like to send a huge thank you to all the inspiring people at W2O Group for making our summer so special. We look forward to seeing how the agency will continue to evolve in the future.