If there is any clear indicator of the evolution of the agency world, it’s how my background has brought me to the WCG family.  First, relationships matter.  I’ve known folks like Aaron Strout, Chuck Hemann, and Greg Matthews for years – all folks who have made an impact on clients and have respected views in the social media and digital marketing space.  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity work with them, alongside a talented roster of people in the business.  W2O also has a contingent of former colleagues from Rosetta, who have been part of building and transforming an agency in the past.   Coming in the door, there is already a sense of comfort and familiarity being surrounded by smart practitioners who are in the business.  At about a week after joining WCG, three things became very clear to me.

1. WCG and W2O are in growth mode.   There are signs everywhere, from the beautiful new offices in lower Manhattan to the growing number of remote employees, from the growing diversity of client work to the influx of digital talent.  Everywhere I turn I find someone who has started in the last six months, and each person brings a terrific complement of digital and communications skills to the mix.

2. The leadership team is accessible and open.  In a rapidly changing environment nothing keeps the focus on driving excellence more than leaders who are accessible and tell it how it is.  Seeing Jim Weiss walk around the office dropping pearls of wisdom, welcoming new folks and raising a glass of wine to toast the new office space, it’s clear this group is connected.

3. The client roster is remarkable.   There are marquee brands and exciting quality work happening around every corner.  Brands that started with one smaller project have grown to significant relationships.  Everyone in professional services wants to work with exciting brands and there is no shortage of them here.  The teams are driving innovation and insight across clients in every industry vertical.  The more I learn about our work, the more thrilled I am to see how we can expand the business to clients who are ready to partner.

My role here as part of the leadership team is to scale how we manage programs with some of our largest clients, from operations to innovation to delivery excellence across marketing, communications and beyond.  I’m hoping to tap prior experience at digital agencies and management consulting to help make a direct impact on our business.  I’m also looking forward to expanding and growing our business in New England, and with several clients in the Boston area, we are already on our way to achieving scale.

Each day so far I’ve been meeting colleagues from all of our practice areas, offices and verticals, and with each meeting I’m more impressed with the scale and focus.  2014 will be a big year for every one of us and I’m glad to be here.

For more information, check out the press release here.