in Four Easy Steps

A byproduct of today’s hectic world is the overwhelming amount of information we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Much of it envelops us like mist and bounces off us like rain drops while a few break through and capture our attention and interest. As communications and marketing professionals, the challenge extends deeper as we must make sense of what is relevant and therefore, meaningful to our important stakeholders.

But how do we see through this haze and uncover what matters?

It starts with real-time data and analytics. What information is prevalent within specific audience groups? How is information being shared or amplified across social networks? Is certain information facilitating collaboration? Is there a style or format that is more effective in gaining attention?

Data and the ensuing insights it fosters provides the answers to these questions and many more. It allows for a clearer view of the environment and a more confident approach to building relationships. Further data is used to evaluate the competition and the changing views of your constituents.

Next is a new narrative from which stories emanate reflecting the relevance necessary in the audience. It defines the tone that characterizes your organization. For example, being more provocative in your content is actually noticed more.

And then a digital model that encompasses communications and marketing techniques that results in a seamless journey for customers through platforms, channels, and media is designed.  The model promotes your organization while connecting your audience via content that resonates and metrics that gauge performance.  It is built against strategic goals and sustainable objectives for the business. The opportunity is to provide value to the marketplace in its terms.  Most importantly, a digital communications and marketing strategy is designed as a discover vs. sell profile meaning it cause people to uncover what is relevant not be told.

The fourth and final piece is mindset.How are you approaching the situation? Are you using data in your decision-making? Do you grasp relevance as viewed by your audiences? Do you follow customers along the journey to the brand? How do you experience the relationship with your brand or organization? Where is value being assimilated in the market? What techniques are being leveraged to encapsulate the values and purpose of your organization.  Are you tracking behavior to discern shifts and nuances?

It’s all about optimization. Ensuring the organization and brand is elevated across the digital spectrum delivering customized content and maintaining integrity throughout the relationship.

The fog of today’s business ecosystem is strong enough to blind attempts to find and connect with customers and consumers.  Turning your bright lights on – generating more content – will only mitigate your depth of vision. Rather, employing data and turning it into actionable insight via a new narrative and a digital approach will keep you closer to the ground guiding your path in a more confident and clear manner.


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