Serving Both Masters: Creating Valuable Content for Brands and Audiences | Otto Bell, Chief Creative Officer, CNN’s Courageous

Creating branded content well requires that you serve two masters, both the brand and the audience. However, if you’re able to create something that adds value for both, you’re really doing something special. This week’s guest, Otto Bell, Chief Creative Officer, CNN’s Courageous, not only understands this, but has become a true expert.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Otto after he spoke on one of our panels during SXSW. His panel explored how content is the next jump after advertising, the room was packed, the content was inspiring, and the dialogue was incredibly valuable. I think you’ll enjoy hearing from Otto as much as I did.

We unpack how to create content that is rich in emotion,  sensitive and thoughtful, but also explains and deepens someone’s understanding of how company is making a tangible difference. Plus, who doesn’t like talking about Van Morrison? Take a listen below.

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Aaron Strout
Aaron Strout