Recently, 8 W2O Group employees descended onto Syracuse University’s campus to visit classes in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications for Social Commerce Days. Social Commerce Days, as part of the W2O Group Center for Social Commerce, offer the opportunity for employees to guest lecture in classes, hold workshops, review student’s resumes and more. It’s an opportunity for students to hear about the evolution of our industry and ask questions as they prepare for their future careers.

Below, some of our colleagues who participated in Social Commerce Days have reflected on their experience. Check out their thoughts!

Meredith Crowder

Social Commerce Days at Syracuse was a great experience and I was so happy to be a part of it. This is an exceptional program for W2O Group to put on for both the University and staff. As a recent college graduate myself, it was great to bring my knowledge from the working world back to students who are eager to get a job and get their career started. I was thrilled to see how enthusiastic the students were to learn and immerse themselves in the program, especially the keynote speaker and their thoughts during the workshop. I believe bringing tangible, real client examples and thought processes to students is extremely important to their learning – so glad W2O sees the value and brings that to such a well-respected communications program.

Michael Brito

I was inspired that the SU students were so passionate to learn about real life marketing programs and how open they were to applying analytics in the process.  Students were curious, assertive and asked really smart/strategic questions. Since the Social Commerce Days, I have talked on the phone with three students (one grad, two undergrads) about their vision for what they wanted to do after graduation. I am sure that I convinced all three to join W2O.

This is an amazing program for W2O. It allows leaders at the firm to influence university curriculum in a way that is so relevant to the market and the demand for analytics-drive marketing/communications pros.

Chris Nardone

As a recent graduate of Syracuse University and the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, I was thrilled to connect with students on a personal level and prepare them for an entry-level position. We spoke candidly about day-to-day life as an associate and how they can attribute what they learn through schooling and internships and apply it to real-world agency life. I even had the opportunity to lead a writing course discussion on content creation. I presented a case study I worked on and gave real-world examples on how important it is to maintain your writing skills throughout your career. I was proud to guest lecture in a classroom I sat in as a student just three years prior.

Lauren Hougas provided her thoughts based on W2O Group’s company values.

#letshang:  We were able to spend hours networking and socializing with students

#whysuck:  we were able to showcase our case studies to demonstrate just how far we can push ourselves to ensure A+ work every time

#makeithappen:  This was my actual job seeking advice to students.  Don’t apply on a job board and hope your resume gets read… make it happen! We taught how to create their own jobs and stand out

#dealwithit:  We had examples of clients changing the direction of projects midway through, but they saw this best in how we flowed through our days there.  Schedules were changing, clients needed us, technology failed… and we continued without a hitch.