NOTE: For any of you looking for the link to the SBA/W2O Group webinar about mobile and location-based marketing, the replay and answers to questions are here.


We are excited to be partnering with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to present a five part webinar series on social media and some of the key topics (blogging, mobile, content creation, influencer outreach) that support it. Today, we co-presented the first webinar titled “Social Media — Helping You Get Started.” The webinar was an hour long with the first 45 minutes spent addressing key statistics, models, and methodologies for doing social media right. The last fifteen minutes were spent answering questions.

As promised, the full recording of the webinar is embedded below. You can also click through to see the video on Youtube.

In addition, you can access some of the key slides on Slideshare below.

Note: The next webinar on blogging is coming up on May 8 at 1 PM ET. We will have a sign up link soon.