Social Media is a dynamic and constantly evolving landscape. To be a strategist in the space you have to stay on top of the trends, updates and tools that change on a regular basis, because social continues to be a space with constant updates and evolutions. When I joined W2O right before Thanksgiving of last year my first order of business was learning how my new team stayed ahead of the social media curve.

As I got to know my teammates, I quickly realized something… this was a different kind of agency and a different kind of social media team. Not only do we have a team of 25+ Social Media strategists who know the platforms and ad unit offerings inside and out… the team truly works together like a well-oiled-machine to share the insights they collect. On my second day I sent one internal email about Instagram Stories and I had 3 or 4 suggestions on how to handle my situation in my inbox in minutes. It was clear to me that this team loves helping each other stay up to date on the ever-changing world of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I have more good news – you have regular access to some of the social media learnings our team shares with each other. Simply check out The Social Scoop, the W2O Social Media team’s regular blog highlighting the most relevant updates from the major social media platforms.

If this is the first time you are learning about The Social Scoop, have no fear!  Below is a quick recap of some of the updates that stood out in early 2019. And what better way to catch you up on the latest and greatest than packaging the updates in a “March Madness theme”?

The Cinderella Story – Quora adds Keyword Targeting and New Ads Metrics

When people think social media content they typically think of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. But there are new places where people go to share information and talk with each other. Quora is one of them and we’re excited to see this lesser known channel working to make their ad platform more accessible to brands. Read more here.

The Buzzer Beater – LinkedIn Adds New Ad Targeting Options

For years LinkedIn has been the place to go for thought leadership and industry updates. However many have wondered if they would ever beat the clock and update their ad targeting capabilities. We’re excited to see that LinkedIn got the message – and not a second too late.  The updates outlined in our 3/29 Social Scoop will make it easier to target the people brands and corporations want to reach with their story on LinkedIn.  Read more here.

The Full Court Press – Facebook Rolls Out Income-Based Targeting by ZIP Code

Facebook has embraced paid content promotion for years – they are relentless in putting the pressure on the other platforms to keep up with them. Their Blueprint certification program is much more robust than anything the other major players offer.  They also listen to brands and react with updates to their platform. The update outlined in our 2/25 Social Scoop post highlights how allowing income targeting by zip code will serve brands and corporations in their efforts to reach new audiences.  Read more here.

Defense Wins Championships – Twitter is Testing a New Option to Hide Tweet Replies
Unfortunately, Twitter has earned a reputation as a place for trolls to spread negative views and comments. We’re excited to see the platform following the lead of Facebook and experimenting with allowing brands and corporations to hide replies that don’t add value to the dialogue. It is all part of their attempt to create better “conversational health” on the platform.  This update also has the potential to help brands and corporations feel better about starting a conversation on the platform. Read more here.

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