Speakers at the W2O Social Commerce Summit continue to challenge the audience with new ways of viewing the digital and social worlds in which we interact every day. Keeping the momentum going was David Witt, Director, Global Digital Marketing and Brand Public Relations, The Hershey Company (and 2012 WOMMA Board Chair), who returned again for the pre-SXSW event. Witt provided his thoughts on the evolution of social media from both a consumer and a brand perspective in this presentation.

When Witt commands the room, we’ve come to expect a strong perspective on the the present, a clarified vision of the future, and a whole bunch of quotables … a few of the tops included:

  • Paid practices are (inevitably) leaking into the social space.
  • (Paraphrasing someone else): Someone let advertising agencies into Twitter through the side door. It will be difficult to get them out.
  • Social WILL BE the new CRM (customer resource management).

Do you have a perspective on Social Commerce? As we kick off SXSWi 2013, tell us what you think about this emerging field and the impact it will have on the future of marketing and communications.