It is hard to not love and respect the amount of energy Mason Nelder has for digital media. Over the course of the last few years Mason has laid the groundwork, and begun to develop a best-in-class social business capability at Verizon. Utilizing an approach based on an analytics infrastructure that is progressive for the Fortune 500, Mason is setting the stage for Verizon to be thought of as a leader in the area of social business.

Mason’s #socialcommerce talk was chalk full of takeaways, but here are the three biggest from my perspective:

  • Building a social business capability takes people and money – As an industry we are often quick to search for a tool that helps us scale faster, but the reality is that people are an equally important component of any social business capability. That people component could be in the form of people doing the work, but also in the form of internal buy-in. Without people, a social business capability will not get off the ground.
  • Failing fast – At WCG we are constantly trying to push the envelope and create new things. Sometimes ideas don’t materialize, and the idea needs to be scrapped. What’s important is learning from what didn’t work, and then applying it to another project. Mason espouses that same POV during his talk, and during his day-to-day activities at Verizon.
  • Innovation, Innovation, Innovation – Mason highlights Steve Jobs as an innovator in his field who helped create something (in the case of Mason’s presentation, the iPad), and then made it more mainstream. Mason suggests that the goal of any social business program should be to build the capability, and then make sure the rest of the organization adopts that philosophy.

We loved Mason’s witty, funny and informative presentation. The capability he is building at Verizon  is nothing short of spectacular. Make sure you watch Mason’s presentation and listen to the subtle social business tips that he highlights.