Did you know we waste over 365 million pounds of perfectly edible food every day? Did you know 1 in 4 don’t know where their next meal is coming from? It’s clear that we’re dealing with hunger crisis, but in today’s world, with so much technology and innovation, the issue of hunger shouldn’t exist. It’s time we solve the world’s dumbest problem and Komal Ahmad, CEO & Founder of Copia, is on a mission to create a movement to make this happen.

I had the pleasure of meeting Komal during our SXSW events, she spoke on a panel about breakthrough innovators who are changing the world. The panel was equal parts fascinating and inspiring, so I was thrilled to have Komal out to our HQ in San Francisco to chat more. During our discussion she explained how hunger is a logistics’ issue, what we all can do to help end the hunger crisis, and a video that we promise will make smile. Take a listen below.

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