Over the last couple of years, enterprise social technology platform, Sprinklr, has completed five acquisitions. That’s right, FIVE! I wrote about this last year after they acquired advocacy platform, Branderati. Well, today Sprinklr announced their sixth acquisition — this time of Get Satisfaction, a San Francisco-based online customer community platform. The addition of Get Satisfaction adds a strong community-based customer support capability to Sprinklr’s Experience Cloud™, ideally enabling enterprise brands to create, manage, and deliver relevant experiences across almost 25 social channels and brand websites.

Sprinklr’s news comes on the heels of last week’s announcement of $46 million in new funding – at a valuation of more than $1 billion. In the last 14 months, Sprinklr has tripled in size
and strategically broadened its capabilities with the acquisitions of Dachis Group, TBG Digital and Pluck (along with Branderati whom I mentioned earlier).

According to Sprinklr CEO and founder, Ragy Thomas, the acquisition of Get Satisfaction makes Sprinklr a leading player in the rapidly growing $3.5 billion enterprise collaboration market and the only vendor to provide a unified technology platform for managing customer experiences across third party social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and first party owned properties like websites, blogs, and communities. Not a bad space to play in if you ask me.

Of course ingesting so many companies so quickly can be a tricky business for any company, no matter how smart. But so far, the equity markets and many of Sprinklr’s customers seem to believe they are onto something. If anything, I love the fact that Ragy and his team are thinking of ways to create a broad but strategic network of services meeting the digital marketer’s needs. And in this environment where things change quickly, having smart people that have built a variety of related companies as part of your arsenal can help provide better market vision and savvy.

Congrats to the Sprinklr team. We look forward to hearing more about their next acquisition! You can read more about the acquisition in Sprinklr’s press release here.