Storytelling and Standing Up To Cancer: Katie Couric, Award-Winning Journalist and Cancer Advocate

There are moments in our lives where we can’t help but step back and say, “wow.” This week’s guest on What2Know, Katie Couric, induced such a moment for me.

Over my 12 years of podcasting, I’ve had the luxury of interviewing amazing guests – CEOs, game-changing physicians, thought leaders, political savants, famous musicians and many more. But when I found out that Katie was willing to join the show, I was over the moon excited.

As many of you know, Katie is in a league of her own. This is a woman who shaped the way many of us think about politics and the world through her work as a national news correspondent. She is also smart, witty and compassionate, and not afraid of glass ceilings as evidenced by being named the first woman anchor of a nightly news broadcast when she joined CBS in 2006. In 2008, she was unafraid to truly evaluate and challenge vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s credentials after John McCain selected her as his running mate. I strongly recommend you listen to Katie recount the events surrounding the 2008 elections on the podcast (part 1 | part 2).

Katie also has done tremendous work in furthering cancer research and helping fight this horrible disease, which both her husband and sister died from. She co-founded Stand Up To Cancer, which has raised more than $600 million to date, and helped establish the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance. Additionally, she is the spokesperson for Merck’s “With Love, Me” campaign, which showcases a series of heartfelt letters on written by caregivers and cancer survivors to their former selves touching upon what they wished they had known – or needed to hear – when they were first coping with a cancer diagnosis.

Currently, Katie is running her own company, Katie Couric Media, which includes her podcast, her Wake-Up Call newsletter (I highly recommend that you subscribe), and a number of documentaries done in partnership with purpose-driven companies that share her vision for a better world. If that wasn’t enough, Katie is also a New York Times best-selling author.

During this week’s episode with Katie, we cover an array of topics – from her company, to her passion for supporting cancer caregivers, and even discussing the evolution of news. Take a listen below.

Aaron Strout
Aaron Strout

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