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The power of music cannot be overstated – it has the power to make us dance, cry, remember a memory for our childhood, in short, it makes us feel. Music’s capacity to makes us feel is its superpower, because if we feel that can move us to take action. On this week’s episode, I sat down with Chuck Leavell, Keyboardist of The Rolling Stones, Author, and Co-Founder of the Mother Nature Network to discuss how we can find the harmony between music and social change.

At #W2OSXSW, Chuck was part of a panel discussing music as a corporate social responsibility platform. The panel unpacked the multitude of ways the music industry can do good and ways brands can use music as a part of their CSR initiatives. During our sit down, Chuck and I continued this conversation, plus we chat about his company, the Mother Nature Network, his passion for tree farming,  and his love of dog training. Take a listen below.

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