Anyone who has lived in Chicago will tell you, once you have called this city home, you’re going to have a hard time living anywhere else.  And if you have to leave, you’ll find it difficult to not start humming the tune of Sweet Home Chicago whenever you think of our beloved city.

Yes, we may have a cherished sports team that hasn’t made it to the series in – let’s say awhile (Go Cubs! And, thank goodness for the Sox!) and we may experience an annual arctic blast that more than deserves it’s #CHIBERIA title. But the reality is, Chicagoan’s love calling this city home – including our W2O team and we’re excited to announce the opening of our new office in the Second City.

The office is located in Industrious, a co-working space that is home to some of the most innovative companies in Chicago.  Why a co-working space, you might ask?  Well for us, it was the perfect solution – a community-based workplace that encourages innovation and collaboration across all different types of business. It was a perfect match for what we are building in Chicago as our agency continues to grow and evolve as an integrated communications team that combines the best strategic communications counsel with best-in-practice analytics, creative and digital capabilities.  Our work with clients in healthcare, technology and consumer business continues to grow across the country and we are excited to expand our work in all of these areas in Chicago specifically.

So, why do we at W2O love Chicago so much?   

The Food. Two words: Deep Dish.  And if you’re a true Chicago food lover, you know the many variations of those words – from Gino’s to Malnati’s, everyone has a favorite place, but one thing we all agree on – it’s better than any other pizza out there. Not convinced at pizza?  Garrett’s Popcorn. Who else do you know that can combine caramel and cheese and make it epic?  

The Location.  Chicago is a key market in continuing to grow our presence in the Midwest, which includes a growing office in Minneapolis led by David Witt, and client engagements in Milwaukee and Cincinnati where we are already working with global brands to help transform their social, digital, creative and communications goals.

The Weather. Yes, our winters can be brutal. But surviving them makes the first al fresco dining experience when the temps finally warm up all the sweeter. Did we mention Fall in Chicago?  Amazing.  And we can say that because we truly experience all four seasons here.

The Music.  Whether you are a Buddy Guy fan that digs Chicago blues, a Lollapalooza fanatic that doesn’t mind the searing sun (or pouring rain) to make sure you have the best seat for your favorite band, or a folk-music lover that wouldn’t miss a Pitchfork festival, Chicago has you covered.

The People. After calling Chicago home for more than 10 years, one of my favorite things about this city is its people. They work hard, they enjoy all this city has to offer and they will always share their opinions on what they love most about our fair city.  So, whether you call Chicago home or your favorite place to visit – tell, us what do you love most about the city?

But one of the things we love most about Chicago is the spirit of this city. The spirit of innovation, tenacity, and reinvention. These are all tenants of what makes W2O who we are – and we’re excited to bring more of our pragmatic disruption to this great city.

So the question is… Come On, Baby Don’t You Wanna Go? #sweethomechicago #whychicago

For more on W2O and our growing presence in the Midwest, see our press release.