Check out some photos from our #SocialCommerce Summit and Geek-a-que. Photography by Brian Birzir.

We had lots of fun with photos from Smilebooth at our Geek-a-que as well!

Creating Great Analog Souvenirs for a Digital Era
11:00 AM- 12:00 PM- Omni Downtown
The online and offline worlds are now melting together, thanks to smartphones and social media. But as our life shifts into the cloud, we’re starting to realize that 0s and 1s lack the tangibility and permanence of paper and film. Significant emotional moments are easy to misplace in the online ether, which helps explain why artists and brands are trying to create analog souvenirs of our increasingly digital lives.Want a coaster of your favourite Instagram photo? No problem. Looking for a miniature printer that connects to your smartphone and generates a tiny personalized newspaper? Done and done.Drawing on my experience as co-creator of and, two interactive art projects that generate unique paper keepsakes of digital experiences, I will explain the whys and hows of converting fleeting texts and tweets into permanent analog souvenirs through a careful mix of research, design thinking and creative inspiration. Additional information here 

Culture is King: An Integrated Life Approach
11:00 AM- 12:00 PM- Courtyard Marriott
Survey after survey shows that strong organizational culture and philanthropic focus hold an increasing amount of weight for prospective employees when choosing a job. Yet, too often, employees are asked to check the other important aspects of their lives at the door when they come to work each day. Business leaders who instead work to promote an integrated life philosophy — creating an environment where employees can fuse their work, family, personal and community lives — will end up with a more well-rounded, successful, and happy team. This session will cover how to effectively implement this approach within your business in order to create a culture of giving that benefits your business, your employees, and most importantly — the community. Additional information here

Hype vs Reality: Takeaways from SXSWi 2013
11:00 AM- 12:00 PM- Austin Convention Center
Digitas, a digitally led, integrated brand agency, is collaborating with SXSWi to present the real story of SXSWi 2013.By analyzing a variety of data collected before, during and at the end of this year’s Festival, Digitas’ Beth McCabe, social marketing/tech guru, and Itai Asseo, creative technologist behind Digitas Labs — a tech-inspired incubator within the agency — will reveal the hot topics going into SXSWi 2013 and compare them with what actually resonated with this year’s attendees. Did the hype match the reality? What created the most buzz, and why? What were the biggest surprises? Beth and Itai will use interactive visual aids to bring the story of SXSWi 2013 to life and reveal what it means for you and your business. Discover the headlines you need to know to distinguish the hype from the reality. Additional information here 

Follow the Patrient for Meaningful Change
12:30 PM- 1:30 PM Sheraton Austin
The year is 2030 and we, the patients of the future, speak to you as parents, children, friends, professionals, and experts in our own care. We have unprecedented access, knowledge, and resources. We will tell you what it took to get here. Our care, as it is facilitated in our bodies, homes, neighborhoods, and villages, looks little like it was imagined in 2012. We come to you to speak frankly about our experience achieving patient-led care, how we got here, and what we need, so that you can help us design for our children’s children.
This session, told from the voice of the future patient, comes substantiated by hundreds of hours of observations, interviews, and prototyping with care providers and patients at Kaiser Permanente and Mayo Clinic. From multi-organ transplants to well-baby visits, we will translate for participants how we get from an opaque system beyond its breaking point to one that is fluid, transparent, and centered on productive patient empowerment. Additional information here

Democratization of Content, Check. So What’s Next?
3:30 PM- 4:30 PM Austin Convention Center
When Intellectual Property (IP) and Copyright laws were created, content was static – the idea of a world filled with shares, posts, pins and tweets was inconceivable. Today, anyone can be a content creator, making the way we once felt about IP and Copyright laws seem almost archaic.
How has the democratization of content forced publishing platforms and content companies to evolve with respect to IP and Copyright? And if content is king, are publishing platforms responsible for protecting copyright and what are the rights of the consumer vs. the rights of the creator? Join iStockphoto and a host of industry thought-leaders as we explore the new landscape of content democracy and the new reality of intellectual property. Additional information here

SNiRL: Social Networking in Real Life
3:30 PM- 4:30 PM Sheraton Austin
My presentation is all about the feeling of being overwhelmed from managing profiles on social networking sites. This is a positive presentation about social networking, but the emphasis is about building relationships offline too.Using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn (among others) to connect and meet new people is amazing. True relationships occur when we meet in person. SXSW is all about this! I will use SXSW as a specific example of how we should use the time wisely to connect in “real life”. Network online before events, but plan to meet in person at the events. Or carry on new relationships born at conferences like SXSW online after the events. SNiRL will take a look at true networking success stories. I will discuss great ways to use technology and tools to enhance our networking efforts. The power of personal networks can launch careers and friendships. SXSW Interactive attendees will appreciate this presentation. Additional information here

Events and Parties 

The Munchie Mobile Food Truck SXSWi
8:00 AM- 12:00 PM
Marriott Hotel, 300 East 4th Street
Free breakfast and late night snacks brought to you by Mashable and
Additional information here

Mood Media Day Party
2:00 PM- 6:00 PM Clive Bar
We’re back at SXSW with a new brand and a new look – DMX and Muzak are now Mood! We help brands connect with their customers in extraordinary ways – onsite, online and on the go! Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy live performances from Body Language, Blondfire, AVAN LAVA, and Tomorrow We Move To Hawaii. Party also features free beer, live screen printing, and much more. RSVP to Additional information here

The Interactive Awards Pre-Party and Ceremony Presented by Bloomfire
6:00 PM- 8:30 Pm Hilton Austin Downtown
The centerpiece of the Interactive Evening Events, the Interactive Awards festivities get underway with food, drinks and speculation on award winners. Come see who takes home a coveted Interactive Award in categories such as Digital Breakout Trend and Speaker of the Event. And join us as we celebrate danah boyd as the 2013 SXSW Interactive Hall of Fame inductee. Additional information here

The Interactive Closing Party Presented by Media Temple
9:00 PM- 2:00 AM Stubb’s
Media Temple is back to host the biggest, baddest Interactive Closing Party you have ever seen. Live music blowout! Additional information here

@NIGHT at #Feed powered by Twitter
9:00 PM- 2:00 AM AMOA-Arthouse
@NIGHT hosted by The Meta Agency Featuring a performance by Flying Lotus (Full Layer 3 AV Show), TOKiMONSTA, Teebs, B.Lewis. Complimenary Tequila cocktails Additional information here 

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