Take a peek at what’s coming out of the first day and a half of the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference:

GenomeWeb recapped day one of the conference including positive highlights on Genomic Health and a few of Myriad’s 2013 setbacks.


Reuters reported on Regeneron’s $400 million in U.S. sales of Eylea for the fourth quarter of 2013.

BMS will piggyback its hepatitis C experimental drug with Gilead’s approved pill, according to Bloomberg News.

Adam Feuerstein published some midday random thoughts on day one of the conference, including mentions of Celgene and Seattle Genetics.

The Pink Sheet reported on chats with the CEOs of Elcelyx Therapeutics and Arecor, and news from Juno Therapeutics and Galena Biopharma.

Scrip reported that there were few empty seats for the Seattle Genetics update on the company’s antibody-drug conjugate pipeline.

Doug Braunstein, CFO of J.P. Morgan, noted the record 9,200 conference attendees compared to less than 100 attendees at the first event back in 1983, according to an article by Medical Device Daily.

twitter2Since the conference opened on Monday morning, there have been nearly 4,000 tweets using #jpm14, with over 2,700 tweets since noon on Monday.

Today’s most retweeted tweet comes from Sarah Kliff of the Washington Post:


Second place goes to Kevin Davies, author of “The $1,000 Genome” and founding editor of Nature Genetics:




The top 5 companies in $Cashtag mentions since noon yesterday are Gilead, Arena, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Biogen and Vertex. All are seeing bumps in their stock price as of 10:45 this morning.

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Tweet from JPM

We’ve captured Twitter highlights from the first day of the 31st J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, held here in San Francisco. Check them out!







Number of tweets:
There have been more than 1,600 tweets using #jpm14 before noon on the first day of the conference.

Most prolific tweeters so far:
1) Rob Wright, Chief Editor, Life Science Leader magazine (@RfwrightLSL), 77 tweets
2) Adam Feuerstein, The Street (@adamfeuerstein), 62 tweets. He also has the most mentioned handle with nearly 150 people mentioning it in their tweets.

twitter@ mentions:

Most are primarily journalists with J&J Innovation being the only company (26 mentions) in the top 10.

Top cashtags:
Celgene made a big splash with their presentation this morning, inspiring 110 tweets with their cashtag $CELG
Alynylam (66 tweets), Sanofi (37 tweets), Seattle Genetics (29 tweets and Merk (24 tweets) round out the rest of the Top 5 most mentioned cashtags

Most retweeted tweets:
Roche   Big news: Dr. Sandra Horning named our new CMO. Here’s her story  #JPM14
Adam Feuerstein   My #JPM14 live blog is up —>  Tweets and updates thru-out the day. Please visit regularly.
 Luke Timmerman   What Biotech Pros Will Be Chirping About at JP Morgan This Week  #JPM14

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Okizu Gala

Saturday, March 9 marks Okizu’s 19th Annual Art Inspiring Hope Gala, an opportunity to support children with cancer and their families. Each dollar from the black-tie gala will go directly to support a child’s summer camp experience.

OkizuCoverThe theme of this year’s gala is “Sense of Wonder: The 1915 San Francisco World’s Fair”. This was a world’s fair surpassing all others, a dazzling celebration of a most amazing feat: the completion of the Panama Canal. Visitors were fascinated by marvels of invention and breathtaking spectacles. For your pleasure the Exposition opens for one more magical evening—with the opportunity to bid on hundreds of silent and live auction items, dine, enjoy entertainment and contribute to a great cause.


okizulogo1Okizu was founded 30+ years ago on the premise that children who are diagnosed with cancer deserve some normalcy and the opportunity to explore and discover independence. Okizu camping programs offer a place where all members of families with childhood cancer can explore, discover, heal, and have fun.

Sense of Wonder: The 1915 San Francisco World’s Fair is Saturday evening, March 9 in the San Francisco Design Center Concourse. Please email or call 415.382.1503 for tickets or sponsorship opportunities.

BrewLife’s parent company, W2O, supports Okizu with pro bono creative and PR services.

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Posted on behalf of Damion White.

I don’t often feel like I am witnessing a revolution that is about to happen. It is a rare and exhilarating feeling to find yourself at a threshold – in the same space and in the exact moment – connected to anything or anyone destined to have a significant impact on the world. I felt exactly like this less than 48 hours ago.

Before he departed for the #MayoRagan Summit, Greg Matthews and I chatted about his work leading the development and launch of MDigital Life. MDigital Life is a Big Data capable, social media analytics tool with onboard data visualization platforms. It is the newest product in a growing line of innovative proprietary offerings developed by W2O Group and its subsidiaries.

To avoid droning on about what MDigital Life is – Greg explains it in the embedded videos and you should watch them – I’ll just say that I am honored to be among the first to share knowledge of this advancement with the rest of the world. More than it is a potentially revolutionary innovation in data analytics technology, MDigital Life represents the manifestation of Greg’s passion for channeling solutions in healthcare communications that benefit physicians and patients, and the vision and entrepreneurial spirit characteristic of W2O’s culture and models.

We are just moments away from the official introduction of MDigital life. Within the hour, Greg will deliver his address at the MayoRagan Summit in Minnesota. Tune in via Twitter, #MayoRagan (or #MayoRagan2012) to learn more.

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