Lori Johnson, VP of Online Strategy at Fidelity Investments, addressed the W2O Social Commerce Summit today on the challenges and innovations of social media in regulated industries. Interestingly, while her perspectives are forward-thinking and the activities she’s spearheaded at Fidelity Investments are leading the industry, they maintain a firm foundation in common-sense philosophies.

A key takeaway included a simple breakdown of how Johnson and her team view social media:

  • Guidance and Education: engaging customers in unique ways with the information they need
  • Customer Service: viewing customer service as marketing
  • Enable Dialogue: allowing customers to begin topics of conversation interesting to them
  • Enable Advocacy: helping customers speak on the company’s behalf

Do you have a perspective on Social Commerce? As we kick off SXSWi 2013, tell us what you think about this emerging field and the impact it will have on the future of marketing and communications.

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Bob Pearson is the author of the ground-breaking book, Pre-Commerce, How Companies and Customers Are Transforming Business Together. He is also the President of  W2O Group, an independent network of complementary marketing, communications, research, and development firms focused on integrated business solutions to drive change, growth through “pragmatic disruption” for the world’s leading brands and organizations. Prior to joining W2O Group, Bob lead corporate communications at Dell Inc. and Novartis. Bob lives in Austin with his wife and two daughters. When he’s not flying around the country meeting with clients, Bob enjoys boating and live music.

During Bob’s talk today at W2O Group’s 4th annual Social Commerce Summit, he covered the eleven megatrends of Social Commerce (the focus of his upcoming book):

  1. C²2C replaces B2B and B2C as the most important model to reach customers
  2. The evolution of open-source marketing has led to Storytizing, which will replace advertising as the lead form of media
  3. Forensic analytics requires us to think like detectives, find clues, follow their path and locate solutions
  4. Psychology, Physics, Statistics and Economic Models offer clues on how to build unique market advantage
  5. You can become the top media outlet in your industry/area if you think like a publisher & talent agent and build your social cloud architecture
  6. Commerce will occur where it is most convenient to occur, anywhere in the world
  7. Customer Service will become a social commerce profit and knowledge center
  8. Paid media will become the supporting actor for earned media
  9. Cyber security for companies and our customers will become the new priority for protecting one’s reputation
  10. A new “brain” will enable you to become the smartest member of your ecosystem
  11. Social CRM will be led by audience building & social cloud architecture
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