It’s that time of the year again. Time to pour through the thousands of South by Southwest (SXSW) conference panel submissions and decide which — if any — you want to vote for. This year, we here at W2O Group are fortunate to be a part of 10 different panel submissions either as participants or submitters on behalf of our clients/friends of W2O Group. To that end, we certainly do not want to bombard all of our friends, family, employees, partners, customers, etc. with dozens of disparate asks. Instead, we have tried to make it easy but providing the titles, descriptions and suggested panelists for all 10 of our submissions.

If we are lucky enough to earn your vote for any/all of the panels, simply click the “vote here” link next to the panel titles. That will take you to the full description of each panel. Once you get there, you need to create an account/login to vote. It may seem like a lot of work but it only takes about 45 seconds and once you do, you stay logged in for any other panel you wan to vote on.

HINT: If you’re looking for mine, I’m in the mix on numbers 6 and 10.

1. Community-Building: Better Than Chemo (vote here)

On Independence Day 2011, the first-ever #BCSM tweetchat for those affected by breast cancer took place. Less than two years later, the group had attracted thousands of participants, spawned a website and a YouTube channel and earned an extensive feature in USA Today. Not bad for a group of tech novices in a space hardly wanting for pink-ribboned advocates.

#BCSM isn’t a prototypical breast cancer organization. It’s not your usual support group. And it’s not the kind of online community that makes headlines at Mashable.

Instead, the group has been, since its founding, focused on attracting a diverse and inclusive group who shared not only cancer, but a set of shared values — particularly a commitment to evidence — that created a sense of authority even as it built community.

Those are lessons that can and should be adopted by those looking to connect with similarly isolated communities, and the founders of #BCSM look forward to sharing what they have learned. (vote / learn more)

  • Organizer: Brian Reid, W2O Group
  • Speakers:
    • Jody Schoger
    • Alicia Staley, Staley Foundation
    • Deanna Attai, Center For Breast Care
    • Xeni Jardin,

2. Hacking your life for better health (vote here)

Every healthcare organization must evolve its commercial strategy within a transformed health system that rewards prevention and punishes waste, and patient engagement is critical to this shift. Additionally, with more patients covered by insurance under the Affordable Care Act, an already strained healthcare system will become even more stretched and organizations will need to figure out how to activate and empower the most prevalent and available resource for patient care – at home caregivers.

For every engaged patient, there are far more who are ambivalent about their care, or lack the necessary information or encouragement to get involved. This panel features speakers representing the payor, big pharma, enterprise IT enabler, and e-patient activist perspectives to discuss relevant digital tools and services that are gaining traction or still to come that could bring to life the vision of the actively engaged health consumer. (vote / learn more)

  • Organizer: Carolyn Wang, WCG
  • Speakers:
    • Rick Valencia, Qualcomm Life
    • Michele Polz, US Sanofi Diabetes
    • Dr. Charles, Saunders Aetna, Inc.
    • Fred Trotter, O’Reilly Radar

3. What Happens when Health and Tech Meet Up? (vote here)

For the first time in 50 years, the health care industry is facing a major disruption and is moving toward an at-risk/ACO model where opportunities are driven by transition. With the growing aging population and increase in chronic diseases in the U.S., health service providers are focusing on collaborated and coordinated care to create efficiencies, reduce readmissions, and ultimately, lower costs. Innovative medical technologies and big data will play a key role in the continuum of care, providing a real-time and holistic view of the patient’s health history to better inform decisions and help manage care.

As health and technology continue to merge, investors have become more interested in funding digital health, giving startups a great opportunity for growth. In this panel session, some of the most prolific investors in digital health will discuss what excites them about the future of health care and why now is the time to reinvent the industry through innovation and collaboration. (vote / learn more)

  • Organizer: Jennifer Davis, WCG
  • Speakers:
    • Jack Young, Qualcomm Life Fund
    • Nina Nashif, HealthBox
    • Ted Maidenberg, The Social + Capital Partnership
    • Christiaan Vorkink, True Ventures

4. Forget big data, it’s all about individual data (vote here)

Through digital health, near real time patient data is generated from individual medical devices and securely aggregated. The insights generated from this data drive more efficient and effective care as health providers are presented with a more holistic view into a patient’s health and can identify patterns across patient populations.

UCSF has undertaken an ambitious registry that rivals Framingham Heart in scope, leveraging mobile health tools to track biometric information, and social media to observe personal communities of care. The findings of the registry will ultimately drive population-based predictive models and individualized strategies of care.

Helius, the first commercial product from Proteus Digital Health, leverages ingestible and wearable sensors developed by Proteus to provide insights about patients’ actual behaviors and how their bodies are responding; enabling more informed therapeutic decision-making to improve patient outcomes.  (vote /learn more)

  • Organizer: Robin Suchan, Proteus Digital Health
  • Speakers:
    • David O’Reilly, Proteus Digital Health
    • Dr. Michael Blum, UCSF

5. The Secret Weapon of Mobile Marketing: Photos (vote here)

Every day 500 million photos are shared online – and that number is expected to double by next year.
On the surface, the reason for photography’s exponential growth seems obvious: with smartphones, snapping and sharing pics has never been easier. But the real reason has almost nothing to do with ultra-modern technology, and almost everything to do with something far more primal: our insatiable need to connect, and our innate desire to share stories.

As such, mobile photography has confidently joined ranks with the most popular, most efficient communication mediums of our time – and advertisers are scrambling to understand where they fit in. Do brands have a role to play when it comes to smartphone owners, their cameras, and the stories they tell through them – and if so, what are the rules of the game?

In this panel, we’ll dissect the surge in mobile photography through the lens of real-time culture, creativity and commerce, with a takeaway of how-to’s and best practices. (vote /learn more)

  • Organizer: Dorothy Jean, dorothyPR
  • Speakers:
    • Carmel Hagen, Aviary
    • David Fossas, W2O Group
    • David Teicher, Advertising Age
    • Leigh Lucas, Path

6. Brands, be journalists – errr vice versa? (vote here)

Should journalists be more like brands, or should brands be more like journalists? In order to make social media more human, it’s about telling good stories. Brands can learn this from journalists, but at the same time, journalists need to carve their niche and define their credibility — like a brand. Where is the happy medium and how has social media, especially with the use of video, changed the delivery of a concept?  (vote /learn more)

  • Organizer: Colleen Hartman, Mitsubishi Electric
  • Speakers:
    • Rick Kaplan, Kaplan Media Partners (former president of CNN)
    • Jeben Berg, Google, head of Youtube Brand Lab
    • Aaron Strout, W2O Group
    • Colleen Hartman, Mitsubishi Electric

7. Social Disruption (vote here)

What does the world’s sixth-largest pharmaceutical company have in common with one of the most respected multinational mutual fund and financial services groups? A ton of regulatory roadblocks.

While companies everywhere have jumped head-first into 21st century technologies, regulated industries have been slow to dip their toes in the water – with health or money at the center of business, every @mention is a liability. But with big risk comes bigger reward. Channel by channel, these companies are convincing their legal counterparts to take the leap – neon floaties and all.

So, you think you can’t innovate? In this presentation, two women living in a corporate, cubicle-filled world discuss how they are breaking barriers and overcoming conservatism in the name of customer engagement – one tweet at a time. (vote /learn more)

  • Organizer: Vicky Lewko, W2O Group
  • Speakers:
    • Stacy Burch, Sanofi US
    • Lori Johnson, Fidelity Investments

8. Supercharging HC Funding (vote here)

When we think about the best examples of crowd-funding, Kickstarter rises to the top. The technology community has arguably given Kickstarter a ringing endorsement ever since its launch. The result? A gathering place for entrepreneurs to gain funding for projects that might otherwise die on the workbench.

The projects, while creative, don’t typically solve for the biggest problems, and that’s where Kickstarter can fall flat. For all its success, Kickstarter can’t provide all the entrepreneurial opportunities, especially financial ones, that health care offers. This is particularly true with respect to involving online and offline communities to solve tremendously difficult health care challenges, including the clinical trials that are essential to drug approvals. (vote /learn more)

  • Organizer: Christian Clymer
  • Speakers:
    • Christian Clymer, PhRMA
    • Stacy Burch, Sanofi US

9. Crowdsourcing Physicians in Digital Health (vote here)

Changes in the Affordable Care Act are now placing an emphasis on insurance compensation for the relative health of patients instead of the decades-long practice of paying for illness. The Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is emerging to address these changes in the law. 95% of physician organizations intend to become ACOs, and will be incentivized to leverage remote monitoring and digital tools to stratify and prioritize patient care. ACOs will be accountable to the patients and the third-party payer for the quality, appropriateness and efficacy of the health care provided.

In order to monitor the relative health of patients and measure improvements over time, ACOs must have the resources to collect data on patients regularly and cost-effectively. Crowdsourcing can improve efficiency, effectiveness and cost by directing physicians to appropriate solutions, reducing the number of unnecessary tests, ineffective treatments and unnecessary office visits with patients. (vote / learn more)

  • Organizer: Tracy Garcia, WCG
  • Speakers:
    • Donald Jones, Qualcomm Life
    • Mark Winter, XPRIZE
    • Jeff Arnold, Sharecare

10. The Social Media Wish Factory (vote here)

What will be the next big thing social media will help you with? This panel will bat around ideas for things that social platforms do not yet do, but could or should do. It will be an interactive panel with the moderator inviting each of the panelists to come up with a short wish list of ideas they would like to see executed and then the audience will be invited to weigh in on these ideas and to offer their own. This panel will be a free-for-all that allows those looking for inspiration to interact with those looking for solutions. (vote / learn more)

  • Organizer: Mike Johansson, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Speakers:
  • Deirdre Breakenridge, CEO Pure Performance Communities
  • Mike Johansson, RIT
  • Aaron Strout, W2O Group
That’s it! If you have a panel you want us to vote for, leave the URL and title in the comments.
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We were really excited to be able to hear from Don Butler at today’s #SocialCommerce Summit.  Don is the Managing Director of Thomvest Ventures, but his 20 year career spans a variety of roles with emerging growth technology companies.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Apsalar, Avalanche, Axcient, Kabbage, Milyoni, Netbase, and YottaMark.  Don’s past investments have included Cotendo (acquired by Akamai), FlashSoft (acquired by SanDisk), GuardianEdge (acquired by Symantec), and Okena (acquired by Cisco).  Before joining Thomvest, Don led the Asian business development efforts for several start-up companies in the software and networking industries as part of his work with Asia Pacific Ventures.

As you can tell from that history, Don has a pretty unique perspective on the future of the financial services industry.  He pointed out that over 54% of american households are banking online today – and that percentage is still on a rapid rise. In the last couple of years, online lending has begun to take hold in a mainstream way – but it’s the union of the two where Don sees real power in the future markets.

Don shared some mini-case studies for portfolio companies LendingClub and Kabbage – who’ve started to make waves in this space.  Both case studies are pretty thought-provoking … LendingClub in reducing personal debt, and Kabbage in securing loans for small businesses. The early success of both point to increased disintermediation in the financial services industry – which should lead to better options for both investors and consumers.

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Check out some photos from our #SocialCommerce Summit and Geek-a-que. Photography by Brian Birzir.

We had lots of fun with photos from Smilebooth at our Geek-a-que as well!

Creating Great Analog Souvenirs for a Digital Era
11:00 AM- 12:00 PM- Omni Downtown
The online and offline worlds are now melting together, thanks to smartphones and social media. But as our life shifts into the cloud, we’re starting to realize that 0s and 1s lack the tangibility and permanence of paper and film. Significant emotional moments are easy to misplace in the online ether, which helps explain why artists and brands are trying to create analog souvenirs of our increasingly digital lives.Want a coaster of your favourite Instagram photo? No problem. Looking for a miniature printer that connects to your smartphone and generates a tiny personalized newspaper? Done and done.Drawing on my experience as co-creator of and, two interactive art projects that generate unique paper keepsakes of digital experiences, I will explain the whys and hows of converting fleeting texts and tweets into permanent analog souvenirs through a careful mix of research, design thinking and creative inspiration. Additional information here 

Culture is King: An Integrated Life Approach
11:00 AM- 12:00 PM- Courtyard Marriott
Survey after survey shows that strong organizational culture and philanthropic focus hold an increasing amount of weight for prospective employees when choosing a job. Yet, too often, employees are asked to check the other important aspects of their lives at the door when they come to work each day. Business leaders who instead work to promote an integrated life philosophy — creating an environment where employees can fuse their work, family, personal and community lives — will end up with a more well-rounded, successful, and happy team. This session will cover how to effectively implement this approach within your business in order to create a culture of giving that benefits your business, your employees, and most importantly — the community. Additional information here

Hype vs Reality: Takeaways from SXSWi 2013
11:00 AM- 12:00 PM- Austin Convention Center
Digitas, a digitally led, integrated brand agency, is collaborating with SXSWi to present the real story of SXSWi 2013.By analyzing a variety of data collected before, during and at the end of this year’s Festival, Digitas’ Beth McCabe, social marketing/tech guru, and Itai Asseo, creative technologist behind Digitas Labs — a tech-inspired incubator within the agency — will reveal the hot topics going into SXSWi 2013 and compare them with what actually resonated with this year’s attendees. Did the hype match the reality? What created the most buzz, and why? What were the biggest surprises? Beth and Itai will use interactive visual aids to bring the story of SXSWi 2013 to life and reveal what it means for you and your business. Discover the headlines you need to know to distinguish the hype from the reality. Additional information here 

Follow the Patrient for Meaningful Change
12:30 PM- 1:30 PM Sheraton Austin
The year is 2030 and we, the patients of the future, speak to you as parents, children, friends, professionals, and experts in our own care. We have unprecedented access, knowledge, and resources. We will tell you what it took to get here. Our care, as it is facilitated in our bodies, homes, neighborhoods, and villages, looks little like it was imagined in 2012. We come to you to speak frankly about our experience achieving patient-led care, how we got here, and what we need, so that you can help us design for our children’s children.
This session, told from the voice of the future patient, comes substantiated by hundreds of hours of observations, interviews, and prototyping with care providers and patients at Kaiser Permanente and Mayo Clinic. From multi-organ transplants to well-baby visits, we will translate for participants how we get from an opaque system beyond its breaking point to one that is fluid, transparent, and centered on productive patient empowerment. Additional information here

Democratization of Content, Check. So What’s Next?
3:30 PM- 4:30 PM Austin Convention Center
When Intellectual Property (IP) and Copyright laws were created, content was static – the idea of a world filled with shares, posts, pins and tweets was inconceivable. Today, anyone can be a content creator, making the way we once felt about IP and Copyright laws seem almost archaic.
How has the democratization of content forced publishing platforms and content companies to evolve with respect to IP and Copyright? And if content is king, are publishing platforms responsible for protecting copyright and what are the rights of the consumer vs. the rights of the creator? Join iStockphoto and a host of industry thought-leaders as we explore the new landscape of content democracy and the new reality of intellectual property. Additional information here

SNiRL: Social Networking in Real Life
3:30 PM- 4:30 PM Sheraton Austin
My presentation is all about the feeling of being overwhelmed from managing profiles on social networking sites. This is a positive presentation about social networking, but the emphasis is about building relationships offline too.Using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn (among others) to connect and meet new people is amazing. True relationships occur when we meet in person. SXSW is all about this! I will use SXSW as a specific example of how we should use the time wisely to connect in “real life”. Network online before events, but plan to meet in person at the events. Or carry on new relationships born at conferences like SXSW online after the events. SNiRL will take a look at true networking success stories. I will discuss great ways to use technology and tools to enhance our networking efforts. The power of personal networks can launch careers and friendships. SXSW Interactive attendees will appreciate this presentation. Additional information here

Events and Parties 

The Munchie Mobile Food Truck SXSWi
8:00 AM- 12:00 PM
Marriott Hotel, 300 East 4th Street
Free breakfast and late night snacks brought to you by Mashable and
Additional information here

Mood Media Day Party
2:00 PM- 6:00 PM Clive Bar
We’re back at SXSW with a new brand and a new look – DMX and Muzak are now Mood! We help brands connect with their customers in extraordinary ways – onsite, online and on the go! Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy live performances from Body Language, Blondfire, AVAN LAVA, and Tomorrow We Move To Hawaii. Party also features free beer, live screen printing, and much more. RSVP to Additional information here

The Interactive Awards Pre-Party and Ceremony Presented by Bloomfire
6:00 PM- 8:30 Pm Hilton Austin Downtown
The centerpiece of the Interactive Evening Events, the Interactive Awards festivities get underway with food, drinks and speculation on award winners. Come see who takes home a coveted Interactive Award in categories such as Digital Breakout Trend and Speaker of the Event. And join us as we celebrate danah boyd as the 2013 SXSW Interactive Hall of Fame inductee. Additional information here

The Interactive Closing Party Presented by Media Temple
9:00 PM- 2:00 AM Stubb’s
Media Temple is back to host the biggest, baddest Interactive Closing Party you have ever seen. Live music blowout! Additional information here

@NIGHT at #Feed powered by Twitter
9:00 PM- 2:00 AM AMOA-Arthouse
@NIGHT hosted by The Meta Agency Featuring a performance by Flying Lotus (Full Layer 3 AV Show), TOKiMONSTA, Teebs, B.Lewis. Complimenary Tequila cocktails Additional information here 

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Additional parties can be found here
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Thanks to all who came out to our SXSW events- they were a great success! Photos to follow soon.

Recommended Panels

Shaq Goes Social: The Big Interview
12:30 PM-1:30 PM- Long Center- Dell Hall
He has retired from pro basketball, but that doesn’t mean Shaq has slowed down. Four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal gives his opinions on social media, startups, online comedy, as well as all things hoops in a revealing one-on-one interview with best-selling author Brian Solis. Be sure to stick around for the audience Q&A at the end of the session. #sxsw #SHAQ Additional information here

Creating Brand Advocates via Employee Engagement
1:15 PM- 1:30 PM
Hilton Austin Downtown
While some companies harness the power of their employees to create brand advocates and evangelists, most do not. Apple, for example, shows how to make employees into your biggest promoters and supporters. It hands out the latest iPhones to employees before sharing with general consumers, provides employees with unbeatable discounts and treats their workforce like they’re a part of a tight nit family. As a result, employees are positively vocal about the company. This process came naturally to Apple, but most brands don’t have it so easy. This session focuses on how companies can tap their internal network of employees to create brand advocates. We will review examples with global companies on how they leverage employee voices in social media. For example, a leading CPG company noted that it could save 250 million in coupon distribution if they get employees to share coupons on their own personal networks. We will provide best practices to mobilize and activate employees. Sponsored by Dynamic Signal. Additional information here

How to Measure Social Media
1:30 PM- 1:50 PM Austin Convention Center Ballroom G
Think social marketing is worth it? Prove it. If your CEO hasn’t demanded that yet, they will. Then what? Hand them some jive about “return on conversation” or “follower growth”? Think that’ll fly? You’ll be gone so fast you won’t know what hit you. You know damn well what they care about: Sales Volume. Costs. Revenue. Nichole Kelly, author of How to Measure Social Media: A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing and Assessing Social Media ROI, will show you how to answer questions like: “How much revenue did Facebook generate for us this month?”, “Do social media clients spend more or less than clients from other channels?”, and “How does the purchase frequency of social media clients compare to other clients?”Here’s the best part: It’s not hard. The tools are cheap (or free), and you’re probably sitting on most of the data. If you’re a marketer or agency pro, this is a game you have to play. Win it. Additional information here

Sensor Technologies: The Future of Health?
3:30 PM- 4:30 PM Sheraton Austin
Can you imagine a world in which all your physiologic parameters were measured, monitored, and managed in such a way that that you always maintained perfect health? That world may be just around the corner.Doctors and nurses have long used sensors (of one sort or another) to diagnose and manage illness. In a few short years, however, sensors have become increasingly important in health care as the devices have become more sophisticated and less costly. The advent of real-time data capture and analysis applications is making these new sensors increasingly useful in a range of diseases like diabetes, asthma, and heart failure.This panel will explore the impact of sensors and the almost unlimited potential to apply these technologies to improve the health of all mankind. If you’re a technologist and you want to get into the health care field this is where you want to be. Additional information here

B2B Social Marketing: Blazing New Trails
3:30 PM- 4:30 PM
From content marketing to community management, B2B organizations are expanding their focus beyond traditional forms of communications to increase direct engagement with audiences. B2B customers are active users of social media; they’re looking for information to make educated decisions – they want to talk to and hear from experts in social channels to guide these decisions. But for many companies, marketing rhetoric is still prioritized over valuable content. For some, the brand interaction ends with the sale, missing opportunities to interact with customers and move them from happy customers to brand advocates. In other words, some brands aren’t yet telling their story in a modern way. This session will show how three B2B brands are successfully tackling this opportunity, sharing takeaways for other brands, whether big or small, B2B or consumer. You’ll hear how they’ve changed processes and mindsets, creating competitive advantage and making a measurable impact on the bottom line.  Additional information here

Connecting and Empowering the Creative World
5:00 PM- 6:00 PM- Austin Convention Center Ballroom D
The future of creative careers will transform the creative industry as we know it. From the content we consume to the marketing that surrounds us, our world is made interesting by creative people and teams with ideas and the ability to execute. For too long, creative careers have been held captive by antiquated systems for getting found and operating as your own business. Alas, times have changed! New technology and online platforms will empower millions of creatives around the world to connect directly with brands, clients, and collaborators. Key forces like attribution, transparency, and data-driven tools will foster meritocracy for creative people across industries. With great opportunity comes great responsibility. Scott Belsky will share insights on the future of creative careers and steps we can take to empower creative people to make ideas happen. Additional information here

Events and Parties

Canon celebrates Content Creators
5:00 PM- 8:00 PM Viceland
Kickback with Canon for an evening in celebration of YOU – the amazing talent of SXSW’s creative community. Mingle over food, drink & beats with fellow directors, cinematographers, producers and digital content gurus. The evening will feature a one of a kind interactive DJ experience courtesy of BioBeats. You will also have the chance to get your hands on Canon’s latest technology, including the Cinema EOS line of digital cinema cameras. Please rsvp at Additional information here

11th Annual SXSW Nuclear Tacos Night
6:00 PM- 9:00 PM- East Tent, Brush Square Park
Join a loose confederation of geeks to enjoy tears of joy with Austin’s hottest underground tradition: nuclear tacos. Additional information here

Geeks from Gangum
6:30 PM- 10:30 PM Moonshine Grill
Geeks from Gangnam is an event with an International flavor. We invite anyone who wants to network and build connections with people from all across the world, while enjoying live musical performances by popular Korean bands GALAXY EXPRESS & GOONAM.
Whether you are an entrepreneur, journalist, investor, or just an avid SXSW enthusiast – come join us for free drinks and delicious appetizers – and a night to remember. Additional information here
More info here:

#FeedtheBeat SXSW 2013 with Passion Pit and Wildcat! Wildcat!
8:00 PM- 12:00 AM
Taco Bell, Feed The Beat and SXSW are teaming up to make an experimental fan-made rockumentary called #FeedTheBeat and starring Passion Pit and Wildcat! Wildcat!, directed by Sam Jones (Wilco’s I Am Trying To Break Your Heart). Check out all of the details and learn how you can be a part of the rockumentary at Additional information here

@Night #FEED Powered by Twitter
9:00 PM- 2:00 AM AMOA- Arthouse
Hosted by Twitter. Additional information here

The Munchie Mobile Food Truck SXSWi
8:00 AM- 12:00 PM; 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Marriott Hotel, 300 East 4th Street
Free breakfast and late night snacks brought to you by Mashable and
Additional information here

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In case you missed it, check out a few of our speakers from our 3rd Annual #SocialCommerce Summit:

Bob Pearson, President of W2o Group
Lori Johnson, Fidelity Investments
Andy Sernovitz,
Adrian Parker, Intuit
David Witt, Hersheys
Mark Stouse, BMC
Devon Eyer– Johnson & Johnson
Stephen Collins– Bazaarvoice
Mason Nelder– Verizon
Jeben Berg– Google/ YouTube

WCG Events

10:00 am-12:00 pm
Open House
We want to meet you! Join us in our downtown office.

Recommended Panels 

OMMA: What Marketers Should Ask Themselves About Social

12:30 PM- 1:30 PM: AT& T Conference Center Salon C

Brand marketers are currently in the midst of dealing with the implications of the most revolutionary shift in the history of communication. Social media has upended the entire landscape, shifting the balance of power from stakeholders in mass communications (brand marketers, advertisers) to a mass of communicators (anyone with a social media footprint). This shift has led to a number of hugely important questions. How will brand marketers measure and justify these new currencies of engagement? Are a tweet and a “Like” valued the same? Should they be? What will it take to engage consumers at scale in the age of social? How will social compare to the banner ad, which our keynote speaker, Jeff Dachis, helped pioneer twenty years ago? In this session at OMMA Social at SXSW, Dachis will tackle these topics and also address the role social will play in driving pre-purchase intent in the years to come. Additional information here 

Using Emerging Technologies to Reach Your Audience 

2:00- 3:00 PM Wanderlust

In an increasingly fragmented landscape, how do you navigate through all of the new technology and keep your message from getting lost in a sea of communication? This discussion focuses on ways to utilize emerging technologies and devices to not only reach your target, but to also engage and excite them, focusing on practices in digital and social media through an integrated multi-device approach. A Team Detroit event. #sxsw #NewMedia Additional information here

OMMA: Marketing Implications of Facebook’s Graph Search 

3:30 PM- 4:30 PM AT & T Convention Center Salon C

Brand marketers are currently in the midst of dealing with the implications of the most revolutionary shift in the history of communication. Social media has upended the entire landscape, shifting the balance of power from stakeholders in mass communications (brand marketers, advertisers) to a mass of communicators (anyone with a social media footprint). This shift has led to a number of hugely important questions. How will brand marketers measure and justify these new currencies of engagement? Are a tweet and a “Like” valued the same? Should they be? What will it take to engage consumers at scale in the age of social? How will social compare to the banner ad, which our keynote speaker, Jeff Dachis, helped pioneer twenty years ago? In this session at OMMA Social at SXSW, Dachis will tackle these topics and also address the role social will play in driving pre-purchase intent in the years to come. #sxsw #SocialMark Additional information here

I Know Where You’re Going: Location as Biometric 

3:30 PM- 4:30 PM Radisson Town Lake Ballroom

Last year privacy advocate Malte Spitz sued his cell provider to get the location data generated by his phone. This data allowed him (and his provider) to track everywhere he went during a six-month period—during that time Deutsche Telekom recorded and saved his location coordinates over 35,000 times.This session will discuss location data as the ultimate biometric identifier. The tracking devices we carry around in our pockets (our smart phones) send out location data every time they search for a signal. Law enforcement routinely requests this data – sending out over 1.3 million demands to providers last year. This data can not only reveal where we go and what we do in our lives—it can also define and identify us.Jennifer Lynch, a privacy attorney at EFF, and Jeff Jonas, an IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist, will talk about the legal and technical aspects of location information as biometric, what this means for privacy and civil liberties, and what you can do about it.#sxsw #locationid  Additional information here 

The New Nature vs. Nurture: Big Data & Identity

5:00 PM- 6:00 PM Radisson Town Lake Ballroom

A baby born in the US today will live an algorithmed life. Her education, healthcare, career, who she dates, the ads she sees, what she reads, eats, buys, will be shaped by a feedback loop of data collected, processed, fed back to her, collected, processed, fed back to her.We call this the new nature and the new nurture.In the new nature, we know more about ourselves through data sources that we will have at our disposal. Information streams of personal and genetic data are increasingly available, but this raises psychological and emotional implications on self-awareness.In the new nurture, retailers, corporations and government bodies use data mining to parse, segment, and sell to human beings. This marks a new moment for humanity: the algorithmed life.The new nature and nurture create opportunity and peril. The increasing availability of data changes how we are able to know and define ourselves—at the risk of being defined by algorithms that we can’t control. #BigData Additional information here


6:00 PM-12:00 AM
Warner Bros Television Group
Mexic-Arte Museum- 419 Congress Avenue
Official badge required. Additional information here

5:00 PM- 8:00 PM
GoToMeeting Presents Happy Hour in 3D
The Ranch 708 W 6th Street
Official badge required. Additional information here

8:00-11:00 PM
The Interactive Opening Party presented by Frog Design
Palmer Events Center- 800 Barton Springs Road
Official badge required. Additional information here

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During SXSW Interactive, one of the largest digital conferences in the world, it’s become increasingly difficult to be heard above the noise of thousands of companies

and individuals vying for attention. For our company — W2O Group — we’ve found that hosting a series of events can be a great way to get noticed by the people you care about. But this year, we’re also going to do something a little more playful to help break through the clutter. Yes, we are asking for your BEST SXSW pickup lines. And while we know this isn’t going to cure cancer or raise anyone’s IQ score significantly, it can be a fun way to engage with your fellow attendees while poking fun at ourselves a little at the same time.

The hashtag we are using is #sxswpickuplines. To get the creative juices flowing, here are a few examples of good (or bad depending on how you look at it) pickup lines:

  • Wow! Nice data! #sxswpickuplines
  • Hey, code here often? #sxswpickuplines
  • I’ll show you my Vine if you show me yours. #sxswpickuplines
  • Would you like to see my data stack? #sxswpickuplines
  • You’ve stolen the ASCII to my heart. #sxswpickuplines
By way of background, we are borrowing this playful idea from Ron Leuty of the San Francisco Business Times who decided to jazz up the tweet stream of the JP Morgan Health Conference held in San Francisco back in January. You can read more about the impetus of the meme from Ron in his post here. We also understand that props go to Adam Feuerstein, Sr. Columnist at, and our own Brian Reid who wrote about the top 10 tweets from JP Morgan and what they mean.
If you’re not a Twitter-er, you can always post your best pickup line in the comments below. And who knows, we may just have some prizes for best #SXSWpickupline after all is said and done.
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