"Take Cholesterol to Heart" Campaign

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The Ask

Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. (KPA) challenged W2O to generate interest in Livalo, raise awareness of the dangers of untreated high cholesterol, and educate patients about how to manage statin therapy.

The Brief

An online audit of conversations across more than 200 million publicly accessible sources online and surveyed 5,000+ Americans found that patients were frustrated with their doctors and didn’t feel heard around their concerns. We identified that it’s crucial to involve healthcare providers in the conversation and improve dialogue between patients and doctors.

The Solution

Robust programming was unleashed via the Take Cholesterol to Heart campaign and TakeCholesterolToHeart.com was deployed to get patients to switch to Livalo and improve communication between doctors and patients. For the launch, KPA enlisted the master of conversation, beloved television personality Regis Philbin. The following year, we re-launched with celebrity spokesperson Howie Mandel, who reinvigorated the campaign by candidly sharing his own heart health story.


Since its launch, TC2H has reached an audience of nearly 1.1B through earned, paid and shared tactics and partnerships. Earned media outreach alone has resulted in an audience reach of almost 580MM to date. The campaign website, TakeCholesterolToHeart.com, has yielded nearly 850,000 page visits, with social and earned media driving nearly 30 percent of all traffic. Conversions from TakeCholesterolToHeart.com to the consumer-facing branded website for more information about a particular statin totaled more than 9,700 clicks, showing that the campaign not only provides educational value and drives awareness about the importance of patient/HCP dialogue, but also has measurable brand benefits by engaging appropriate patients.

800K Page Visits

1.1B Audience Reach

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