Taking A Career Break, Supporting the Continued Success of W2O

As we enter a new decade and I reflect on my goals as an individual, business leader, mother, wife, daughter and entrepreneur, I’ve decided to take a career break to focus my time and energy on my family. Over the next six weeks, I will be transitioning from an executive role to an advisory role with W2O.

For more than 25 years, I’ve worked tirelessly at my career and, ultimately, building a business in healthcare communications. I am proud to have shown my kids what a working mom can accomplish. As such, deciding to take a career break has been a hard and emotional decision for me.

I am so honored by what we’ve accomplished as a team the last three plus years as part of W2O (and the prior 12+ years as the founder of what is now W2O pure) and believe strongly in the potential of what is to come. I also really enjoy my work and the people and clients I have the privilege of working with every day, and I am truly grateful for the partnership and collaboration. That said, I am incredibly proud to be a mom, and as I look at all I have accomplished professionally and the small window of time I have remaining with our two high schoolers at home before they head to college (and the reality of embarking on the college process), I want to participate more fully in this crucial next chapter for them. I am so fortunate to have business partners and colleagues at W2O that support me in making this significant transition.

We have a powerhouse team in place; there is no need to hire from outside to replace me, and we can and will continue to promote from within to further strengthen our approach for clients. We have an exceptional team leading Integrated Communications, starting with Mary Corcoran, who will now assume the role of Acting Group President for all Integrated Communications. Mary will have strong support from the amazing leaders we have throughout the communications organization. This includes: Elyse Margolis who is leading W2O wcg; Michele Schimmel who is leading W2O twist; Mary Claire Duch who is leading W2O pure; Lucie Harper, Louise Strong, Christian Arndt, and Kate Hawker who are leading in EMEA; Madeleine Malia who leads our largest client partnership; Mike Nelson who leads our GroWest initiative; and Dan Carter who is leading our presence in Boston and our emerging digital health practice. And so many others growing other exciting and essential parts of our business, including investor relations and corporate strategy.

Beyond the amazing team and client work, I am also thankful to be part of a firm committed to working parents. At W2O, we promote a culture that values both work and life outside of the W2O walls. Through trailblazing people-first initiatives, we aim to ensure that our staff have a voice in shaping their individual careers and building unfair advantage for themselves, their families and our clients. I look forward to continuing to have a voice in shaping W2O as an advisor, resource and advocate for the firm.

I can’t thank my colleagues at W2O enough for their partnership, especially Jim Weiss, Jenn Gottlieb, Richard Neave, Kevin Johnson and Adam Cossman. I have the utmost confidence in the W2O vision and people. #W2Oproud!

With gratitude and appreciation,


Andrea Johnston
Andrea Johnston

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