Taking a Look at Lessons Learned this Year

This is the time of year where much is written and said about what’s ahead in the new year. Prognostications abound detailing trends, truths and tribulations. Rather than looking ahead, though, it often makes sense to reflect on what we learned over the past year and glean  important lessons that we can carry forward.

In that spirit, here are the key things I learned in 2019:

  1. Digital means an appreciation for connectivity– With all the fuss around digital transformation, the core idea centers on universal connectivity. With everything and everyone connected, data quickly translates into insight, creating value for brands and customers alike. Connectivity provides deeper and more lasting interactions based on information and behavior.
  2. Relevance is all about engagement– In a social/digital reality, relevance is the new reputation. Relevance is based on engagement with stakeholders via digital, social, traditional and face-to-face interaction. The level of engagement determines the ultimate relevance to audiences essential to the organization.
  3. Communications is effective when arguments are enlightened –Raising the level and the depth of interactions both internally and externally signals a more intellectual and respectful discussion, resulting in greater trust. When communications is effective, it ensures that people are confident, clear and properly informed.
  4. Strategy is a day one occurrence –The truth is that strategy works initially, and then real- time analysis and assessment dictates what comes next. Preparing for what’s next in strategy is no different than a football player who makes in-game changes once he/she understands what the competition is doing.
  5. Management is about focusing on the little things first –Knowing people’s strengths and respecting their concerns is important to directing resources and implementing initiatives. Managers who understand their reports beyond the job can better impact how they contribute to the business.
  6. Leadership must be sustained by action –A true leader must be able to act and decide. When a leader declares a new strategy or direction, he/she must execute actions and decisions that reinforce the go-forward plan.
  7. Bad strategy at the beginning sabotages the entire effort– When goals or objectives are substituted for strategy, which usually happens at the outset of a plan, program or initiative, the entire effort is sabotaged as critical issues are ignored.

At this time of year, taking a deep breath to collect your thoughts and discern insights from your actions is extremely helpful to succeeding in the year ahead. The lessons I’ve recapped above are meant to trigger your thinking, and they may even align with your own experiences.

Either way, here’s to a happy, healthy holiday season and a productive, successful new year!


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Gary Grates
Gary Grates

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