Last month, I had the pleasure of traveling to my alma mater – the University of Alabama – for the College of Communication & Information Sciences Honors Day, a time-honored tradition where both students and alumni are recognized for contributions in their various fields.

It was truly wonderful to be back on campus – catching up with old friends, making new ones, exploring the old haunts I used to frequent as a student, and humbly receiving an alumni award for my work in communication. My time in college holds a special place in my heart – evoking a feeling of nostalgia for that meaningful life experience that helped facilitate my creative and analytical thinking and shape me into who I am today.

As I wandered around campus, I thought about an important, ever-relevant piece of advice I received from one of my mentors on the eve of my freshman year. I was sitting in Burbank, Calif. – where I grew up – with my high school speech coach who had helped me earn my spot on the University of Alabama forensics team, and who 25 years later remains a guiding voice in my life. I was expressing to her my fears of failure. Would I be good enough to maintain my scholarship? Could I really compete at the collegiate level? Could I develop a taste for sweet tea and grits? Could I really go so far away from home? Maybe this was all just too much. I had cold feet and was ready to back out.

She shared with me that afternoon one of my favorite life lessons that I have recounted many times since, “Angela, playing it safe is for sidewalks and swimming pools. Take the risk – what do you really have to lose?”

My life and career have taken many twists and turns. Through epic failures as well as incredible successes, I credit this one piece of sage wisdom that has gotten me through. And along the way I’ve learned that there are SO MANY benefits of taking that risk:

  • It helps you clearly define what you want and what’s most important to you.
  • It empowers you to push the proverbial envelope and establish new boundaries you didn’t think you were capable of achieving.
  • It inspires creativity and rouses some pretty amazing problem-solving skills.
  • It enables you to gain the confidence needed to embrace new opportunities.
  • It can, and many times does, result in a positive outcome.

Whether you are a recent college graduate, a seasoned professional, or simply someone who wants to – but hasn’t taken that next step… albeit a scary one – you will find yourself having to make this very decision over and over again throughout the trajectory of your career and your life. Will I play it safe or will I take the risk? I hope you choose the latter… to be brave, be bold and take that big chance on yourself. This is where you will find the defining difference between having a great career vs. having an exceptional one.

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