NEW YORK & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Techonomy, known for hosting some of the world’s top tech-related events, today announced a strategic relationship with W2O Group, a network of analytics-driven, digital-first marketing and communications firms. Working with W2O, Techonomy aims to broaden its growing network of business executives, academics, and government representatives and expand the influence of its highly-curated conversations.

“W2O and Techonomy both place a premium on how technology is fundamentally redefining relationships across the business and social spectrum,” said Jim Weiss, Founder and CEO of W2O Group. “Our partnership aligns two future-first organizations driving brands to better thrive in a high-velocity marketplace by ensuring they are conducting business in an agile, vibrant manner. Further, W2O and Techonomy’s deep expertise at the intersection of health and technology will mutually benefit both organizations.”

With extensive analytics and content strategy expertise, W2O will focus on amplifying Techonomy’s editorial and video content operations while providing media relations support at Techonomy events and throughout the year. Techonomy will also work with W2O and its clients to help them better understand how technology is transforming all industries, with a focus on the tech and health sectors.

To celebrate the new partnership, the companies will host a reception on Wednesday, January 10th at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

“We’ve worked with W2O at SXSW Interactive and CES in the past, and been very impressed with its team, its understanding of technology, and its capabilities,” said Josh Kampel, President of Techonomy. “As we now begin to further grow our content and publishing business, we sought a partner who could help us better understand our community’s online behavior as well as assist us in developing strategies to reach and engage new audiences.”

Techonomy provides guidance to business leaders on how tech is transforming business and society. It publishes highly-regarded editorial content and hosts two annual invitation-only thought leadership events. At Techonomy 2016, Mark Zuckerberg said it was a crazy idea that fake news on Facebook affected the election; Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini said he wanted to turn drugstores into “Apple stores for health” just weeks before the CVS merger announcement; and venture capitalist Fred Wilson explained that a blockchain-based system is the only way to undermine the hegemony of today’s top social platforms.

The company was founded by David Kirkpatrick, a highly-respected technology commentator and former Fortune editor. He is the author of the bestselling The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company that is Connecting the World and a contributing editor on Bloomberg Television.

About Techonomy Media

Techonomy is a media company with a mission: to elevate the dialogue about the central role of technology and innovation in social and economic progress. Through events, daily editorial coverage and video content, Techonomy seeks to accelerate progress and productivity in business and society. For more information, visit

About W2O

Founded and led by CEO Jim Weiss in 2001, W2O is an independent network of complementary digitally-oriented marketing and communications firms focused on integrated business solutions to drive change and growth for the world’s leading brands and organizations. W2O is built on insight integration, a strategic approach based on unearthing transformative insights and integrating them —across all marcom disciplines—for our clients’ brands. The goal is to create Unfair Advantage for our clients who face dramatic challenges in a shifting environment by following the right data to get to the solution. The right data clarifies your audience, what matters to them, and where your brand fits in their lives. W2O employs proprietary analytics models, methodologies and approaches in a digital world to design precise communications and marketing strategies and engagement to deliver sustained business results. W2O’s network includes WCGTwist MktgPureMarketeching and Sentient, with a growing footprint of offices in the United States and Europe. For more information, please visit