As someone that has taken more than a passing interest in location-based marketing over the last five years, I am continually listening to and learning from customers and thoughtleaders in the space to find out where the market is heading to stay ahead.

One of the requests we’ve heard consistently from clients is for more local insights based on analytics.  Unfortunately up until about four or five months ago, this was more of a pipe dream than a reality because as much as we searched, we couldn’t find a technology partner that could help us deliver on this promise.  And then along came SnapTrends.

Based in Austin, SnapTrends delivers an innovative location-first listening solution backed by an intellectual property portfolio, which enables organizations to listen over specified areas of any shape or size to better understand and effectively engage with customers based on what can often be unique, heterogeneous local conditions and context.

As SnapTrends CEO Eric Klasson likes to say: “Social data enhanced by the context of location has been a missing link for many businesses. Our Software-as-a-Service solutions are a big step forward as companies work to formulate and execute effective social media strategies” at the local level.

We agree and strongly believe that the combination of SnapTrends’ location-based listening technology and our analytics expertise allow us to create a partnership that can improve how companies more precisely engage with and target particular customers and stakeholders via social media.

My colleague and W2O Group President Bob Pearson believes that location-based analytics will be one of the most important paradigm shifts for companies over the next three to five years and will be centered on their ability to identify insights in real-time that can shape behavior and transactions anywhere in the world.

This new overlay we call “forensic analytics” gives us the ability to sift through mountains of data for the right clues that, when combined with our models, provide a unique advantage for our clients to accomplish their business goals by tailoring more effective approaches based on unique local market conditions.

If you want to learn more about how SnapTrends and W2O will be partnering, they will be speaking and demoing it at our suite of events during SXSW in early March.