An open letter to all W2O Group Team Members

We’re an interesting company.  We don’t hesitate to share all we know with the world via blogs, books and presentations.  Yet, we maintain a humble spirit.

We don’t focus on our own headlines.  We focus on innovating faster than our peers.  We don’t give up until we have created a unique advantage for our clients.  We excel because our work is excellent.

Every year, there is an election that no one thinks of as an election.  It’s the rankings of the top firms in our industry.

Clients tell us who is good and who is not with their actions and their pocket books.  So rankings do matter.

In 2011, we were ranked #30 in the world for communication firms, based on $47MM in revenue.  For 2012, we just learned that we are now the #25 firm in the world with revenue of $62MM.

We moved up five places with a growth rate of 30% that is well ahead of our peers.  The only firm in the top 25 that grew more than us is one we’ve never heard of, BlueFocus PR Group, from China, with 38% growth.  We’ll have to ask Chris Deri for more perspective on what this firm is doing right.

We often reflect on the fact that our firm is filled with amazing people.  You are talented, hungry and never satisfied.  You pride yourselves on doing a better job or creating a better solution than the competitor across the street.  We hear the drum beat of competition without ever having to say it.  It’s inside of us.

This year, as you know, we’re likely to finish with our best year ever.  Our goal is to reach $80MM in fee.

That could vault us another five slots to #20 in the world.

That has a nice ring to it.

Thank you for all you do every day.

Thank you for choosing to be different.

Thank you for pragmatically disrupting the status quo….one day at a time.

Thank you for making W2O Group what it is today and driving us towards what it will become in the years ahead.


All the best, Bob & Jim