The Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge

We’ve known for many years that we are smarter if we ask the right crowds for their wisdom. James Surowiecki wrote Wisdom of Crowds on the topic awhile back. My old company, Dell, built to gather ideas direct from customers and determine how to best improve new products and services and Starbucks has further broadened how this can be done with

When it comes to transforming our health, there have been too few examples to speak of, to date. However, we now have a unique initiative from Sanofi called the Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge that is asking the diabetes community and all with an interest in diabetes to crowdsource ideas on how to improve life with the condition.

It is one of the most powerful ways to innovate. Ask the experts, often patients themselves, to harness their intellect to improve society…and while we’re at it, create new tools, programs and other innovations that may lead to new companies.

If you are interested or know someone interested in this innovation challenge, you can share your ideas via (or click on the image below) by February 12th. Whether you share insights or not by February 12th, you are also welcome to submit an idea, starting February 23rd. All of the details on the challenge can be viewed at the site.

Data Design Diabetes - Powered by Sanofi

The best ideas are eligible for funding and, even more important in my view, industry-leading mentorship is also available. So if you have a great idea, but aren’t clear how to get it across the finish line, you’ll have plenty of help.

Our goal is shared. We all want to transform health. I hope you take the time to share your thoughts and possibly your idea.

All the best, Bob Pearson

Note: Sanofi is a client of WCG