A Fireside chat with Simon Shipley, Marketing and Innovation Manager, EMEA at Intel and W2O Group’s Annalise Coady at the 2nd Annual #PreCommerce Summit.

Simon Shipley
Simon Shipley, Marketing and Innovation Manager at Intel

What is better: big data or small data?

According to Shipley, addressing this question is not so important, because the marketing campaign’s objectives have to be the same either way. At Intel, he points out, it is better to have a small set of data to extract the right insights. Overall, it’s about extracting the right data. Moreover, not necessarily owning the data, but having access to it can increase marketing efficiencies. Getting the right data means asking the right questions. As this is the hardest part, the challenge lies in having the right people and giving them the right training.

Are Marketers the New Technical Experts?

The digitization of marketing has changed the skillset required from marketers: They need to know marketing processes on a campaign level as well as technical aspects. They have to become technologist in their mindset, and they must be able to understand how tools can extract insights.

It’s a long process to understand what you want as a company, what customer behaviors you’re looking at, and how you can build it into something bigger that adds value to the business. It’s about finding out how tools and insights link to sales.

The Data and Tool Challenge

With data exploding, there has also been a constant rise in the number of tools to process and analyze data. Known to everyone working with data, there’s a general frustration with tools. In 2011, there were about 100-150 analytics tools. Now there are about 1800. Shipley explains that for Intel, staying ahead of the curve seems impossible. Instead, brands and company managers should get together and exchange best practices.

Data becomes meaningful when it works in our favor. This could mean not having to queue in front of a stadium or having to face traffic on the way home. This is especially important for Simon Shipley, a passionate rugby fan desperately hoping that England will win the world cup this year.


About Simon Shipley

Simon Shipley Simon is responsible for ensuring that Intel remains at the forefront of marketing thinking. He drives marketing innovation in EMEA, using the latest technologies in the service of one of the world’s most valuable brands. He has worked in a number of sales and marketing roles in the technology sector over the last 15 years. In the last 5 years he has managed a talented team that has helped build out Intel EMEA’s digital and social strategy across 25 countries, built an efficient and scalable digital infrastructure for locally relevant and curated content.