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Storytelling in the Time of COVID-19

Since the height of COVID-19, nine in 10 marketers have reported adjusting their creative messaging. Sharethrough Research Labs analyzed 70,000 creatives within 3,000 campaigns to provide clarity on how brands are better aligning messaging with their audiences – and the measurement data highlights how they’re doing it. Empathetic headlines, unedited real-life stories, corporate social responsibility promotion, and content featuring home-oriented products led to higher click-through rates and video views. Have you made the shift, too?


Ready or Not, Influencers are Unionizing

Content creators are looking for ways to standardize brand deals to ensure fairness across the board. This started among influencers within the fashion industry (and it’s only a matter of time before this consumer category trend trickles down to healthcare) through the creation of unions that foster transparency around wages and provide added protections via standardized guidelines. By forming unions, influencers hope to close the wage gap and increase representation for diverse groups, who are often underpaid.

Source: VOGUE

 “Unpacking” Mental Health on Social Media

Regardless of whether backpacks will be worn to schools or kitchens this fall, back-to-school staple JanSport is finding relevance with Gen Z thanks to its #LightenTheLoad campaign, intended to help this generation tackle mental health challenges. A YouTube testimonial video series and Instagram Live videos feature mental health experts discussing isolation, compassion fatigue, uncertainty and family. Twitter and Instagram are also making strides to prioritize mental health: Twitter added a new feature in its help center specifically for reporting tweets mentioning self-harm. Instagram announced a new Guides feature focused on wellness content, including tips for managing anxiety and grief.


Platform Usage Soars in an Effort to Keep Off the “Quarantine 15”

As COVID-19 shut down gyms and group fitness classes nationwide, audiences are turning their attention to social media to stay in shape. Popular programs and fitness instructors/influencers are livestreaming classes and sharing workouts via YouTube, Instagram Live, IGTV and TikTok (with TikTok-ers dubbing this new content “FitTok”). The virtualization of fitness is reaching users where they already “live” on social and has contributed to the increased usage of Instagram’s Live content: a 70% increase in use of the feature was seen in April alone.


TikTok is Taking Over and We’re Just as Shocked as You Are

TikTok continues to prove it’s not a flash in the pan as its explosive growth continues. Reaching 2 billion downloads in the last quarter, it’s the most downloaded app of 2020, and it has surpassed Reddit, Twitter and Snapchat’s  monthly active users at 800 million. COVID-19 lockdowns may have helped spur this growth, as individuals of all ages stuck at home turn to the app for entertainment and connection through various “stay at home” dance challenges and other meme videos. In the United States, kids’ average TikTok usage time hit 95 minutes/day during stay-at-home orders.


Dancing for a Better Tomorrow: How Alex’s Lemonade Stand Found the Spotlight on TikTok

Do you feel better when you’re dancing? The unanimous answer from TikTok users is “yes.” Since early July, brand and platform influencer participation in the #DanceWithALSF challenge has swept the platform, helping the campaign garner 97M+ hashtag uses (transitioning over to Twitter, too!) and raising $40,000 in just one week. The #DancewithALSF trend is one of the first healthcare awareness campaigns to gain widespread traction with Gen Z on TikTok.



A new app called Repixel can expand your retargeting reach without significantly expanding costs, while also allowing brands to send social ads to individuals who recently visited another brand’s website. Repixel will create a marketplace of businesses that are willing to partner with brands that are complementary, but not competitive.


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