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We’re heading into summer with ~51% of the U.S. population having received at least one COVID-19 vaccine shot and ~206 countries having administered more than 1 billion doses of the vaccine. Uber and Lyft continue to support free rides for those needing the shot, and we are watching the world try and cancel (#cancelculture) the sale of cigarettes. Maybe we will have a world that focuses on health first after all. 😜☀️👏 P.S. Read to the bottom and take our short survey below! 👇

Mask Off: Best Reactions and Where the CDC Went Wrong

“Public Health 101 failure.” That’s how some epidemiologists, including former U.S. health official David Michaels, are describing CDC’s latest mask guidance, which gave vaccinated Americans the green light to “start doing the things that you had stopped doing because of the pandemic.” The focus on guidelines for vaccinated Americans left many wondering how to account for the unvaccinated portion of the population.

While state governments and businesses scrambled to assess how they will implement this guidance, the internet was happy to share an assessment of the CDC’s communication. (A few favorites: @randomhouse, @CaseyNewton, @socialistdogmom.) Competing messages from spokespeople, a lack of “exactitude” and a failure (or unwillingness) to acknowledge the new social debate that would ensue all contributed to the hysteria. Now might be a good time to double check your own omnichannel approach.

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Health Fact or Health Fad?

Whether it’s chlorophyll water or the 12-3-30 treadmill workout, there’s a seemingly endless number of health and fitness fads taking over TikTok and other platforms. These fads are often short-lived, and they usually fizzle out after media outlets or experts debunk their efficacy, only to have a new trend start the cycle all over again. A recent study found a large drop-off in follow-through of users who actually cook the healthy recipes they like and pin on Pinterest (they typically end up cooking recipes high in fat, sugar and calories). Lack of follow-through and short lifecycles of these fads point to a larger trend of users looking for quick fixes for their health and fitness, which poses a challenge for health and pharma brands on social. To avoid fading into the background, brands need to foster the connections they’re creating to continue to stay top of mind with their audience, helping them maintain sustainable and healthy behaviors.


Mental Health is Top of Mind for Corporate America

As workers slowly start heading back to the office, more and more companies are reassessing how they address mental health needs for their employees and customers. Amazon launched a series of health programs in its warehouse and distribution systems focused on mental wellness exercises and stretching, even creating a designated stretching space. Chipotle has added a mental health program for managers that gamifies mental wellness activities, while SAP and EY have boosted mental health offerings through coaching and the addition of mental health days. This mental health prioritization doesn’t stop at the office. Recently, CVS started hiring clinical social workers to work at its in-store clinics, and Walmart announced plans to acquire MeMD to support its health centers.


Paid Campaign Tools Get a Boost

Thought about activating a new paid social media campaign? Many social platforms are announcing ad updates:

  • Reddit unveiled its new in-house creative strategy agency “KarmaLab,” aimed at helping advertisers navigate the platform and deter existing brand safety concerns that some advertisers may have.
  • TikTok made a similar move earlier in the year when it announced a partnership with LiveRamp to help advertisers implement better targeting in paid campaigns.
  • Twitter reportedly began working on a new set of paid tweet options paired with a monthly subscription model and added benefits including auto responses on Tweets, the ability to undo sending a Tweet 30 seconds after being published, and more.
  • LinkedIn provided a recent overview of effective ad targeting and tips to maximize campaign performance.

Although this activity is beneficial to interested advertisers, it hints at platforms’ concerns about reductions to their ad operations business in the coming months as a result of IOS 14. Facebook and Twitter have recently started showing users a prompt upon opening IOS apps, asking that users do not decline the permission to track their data. While the full effect of the update is still being determined, more advertisers will begin to reevaluate campaign ROI and how much they’re willing to allocate spend.


Nielsen Set to Revamp TV Measurement

We’re all guilty of having watched more TV during the pandemic, but there’s been some debate on exactly how many hours we’ve wasted enjoyed during the past year. Recently, the Media Ratings Council found that Nielsen has been undercounting the total usage of TV time among viewers in the 18-49 demographic by 2% to 6%. These shortcomings may have helped spur Nielsen’s announcement that its new ratings platform will be launching in 2022 and should be the new standard by 2024. This new platform promises to combine streaming views with traditional television measurement – a change that could impact the $60 billion dollars spent on TV ads every year.


In Other News… 

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