There are two things you should know about me:

  1. I love football… in particular the New England Patriots (lifelong fan) and
  2. I work at a company that lives and breaths analytics.

So what do you get when you combine these two passions? A fun infographic that shows the volumes of tweets mentioning each team, which words Patriots and Giants fans fancied during the Super Bowl and a few of the choice tweets from the live Twitter stream.

What was interesting as I worked with my colleagues Patrick Donnelly (the inspiration and creator of this infographic) and Seth Duncan was that when we first pulled data on the volume of Patriots versus Giants tweets, the former outweighed the latter by a huge margin. While we all know New England/Boston fans can be loudmouths (I can say that as someone that was born and raised there), we knew that New Yorkers not only have more fans but I also haven’t met many New Yorkers that don’t have the gift of gab at least equal to their New England counterparts.

Upon further digging into the data we collected, Patrick found that there was an unexpected reason for the numerous “Patriots” mentions during the Super Bowl. Yes, apparently many of our friends to the south were using the “F” word and “Patriots” in the same tweets with much greater volume than Patriots fans were. So what did our quick analysis of Twitter conversations during the Super Bowl prove? In this case, not much other than the fact that maybe we have more potty mouths in New York than we do in New England (our Puritanical routes be damned!)

The moral of the story? Data always tells a story but can sometimes throw us a red herring if we don’t dig down deep enough.