I started W2O with a mindset I learned at Genentech, a scientific company where our CEO Art Levinson taught us that if you follow the data you will get to the right outcome and it guides future direction and decision making.

With all the data out there today, there is no reason to guess anymore as to what strategy is needed to reach the right audience with the right messages at the right time.

We can apply what I have always referred to as Marketing and Communications Science to ensure how we deploy money and resources that produces the desired ROI and to make real-time adjustments before it’s too late and the money is gone.

My story was featured in one of our first books Pre-Commerce describing my e-Commerce journey that led me to the right surgeon for bariatric surgery that led to a 100-pound plus weight loss and arguably healthier lifestyle.

But it’s not all science and never is.  Science combined with expertise, know-how and instincts and some good old fashioned artistic creativity can lead to the most powerful engagement strategies.

Data just helps us verify our best instincts and could steer us in a direction we didn’t see at first.

What we hope coming together like this will produce is that scientific and creative exchange you can only get in a group setting that catalyzes and sparks connections you wouldn’t otherwise get or make on your own in your day to day slog.

We hope to see this expand and grow into something much more over time – maximizing the adoption and deployment of marketing science to enhance your businesses.

What will it take to see this more widely adopted in an integrated marketing model?  I would say it’s a commitment and conviction that if data drives financial and strategy decisions in the C-suite, it should do the same in the M&S -suite or marketing and sales suite.

Because we are so often the tail that wags the dog we might as well verify that with data and secure our rightful place at the center of a company’s business strategy and value creation.

Let’s get everyone out of their silos and let’s see the data unite and align everyone in a company in a common mission and vision.

YOU can be that catalyst and game-changer armed with the scientific data and proof required to convince boards and investors which way to pivot and when.

So let’s spend this day united in data and science to create iron-clad marketing and sales plans and execution that delivers value every day and can be measured to show impact and contribution in ways never thought possible before.

Let’s continue to innovate and advance the field together and, especially in healthcare, make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Thanks for spending the day with us. We are privileged to partner with you all.

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Stay tuned for recap posts from CMO Aaron Strout and MM&M.

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