ChangeWhat you already know is comforting, right? Safe. Easy. Routine. Ahhhh, sweet routine! Day in. Day out. Same old. Status Quo. Boring. You see where this went? Downhill. Quickly…and it went there quickly because we are not, biologically speaking, meant to stand still all the time. You see, it’s all about embracing change. Change is everything. Change is all about the Darwinian aspect of adaptation, and disrupting the status quo to enable growth; in order to survive and go beyond the here and now toward a strong and better future. Individuals need to learn and grow. Companies need to move beyond the known, to make things happen. That’s what drives innovation. That’s what drives success. That’s what brings me to W2O. That’s what brings me to Austin, Texas.

Sure, change is scary and disruptive. Sure, change causes some short-term pain. That’s the whole point. No pain. No gain. Deal with it. Do you remember what your legs felt like at night when you grew almost a foot, that one Summer? It wasn’t that bad, right? That’s what got you, here…now. Those growing pains were a biological necessity, enabling your continued growth, and your parents made it palatable by explaining it to you. “It’s not that bad. You’ll be big and tall like me some day.”

(Necessary segue time).  So, I’ve been orbiting W2O for about five years, now, and worked directly with them while I was on the client side for the last two. What I witnessed over the last 24 months really inspired me to want to grow again– to shake things up. Time to practice what I preach. Time to make some changes. Last week, I made that “jump” and disrupted everything I knew back home, in order to act on the readily available data that indicated I should. I left thirty-five degrees for eighty. I left a shrinking economy for a thriving one. I left a troubled job market that is yearning to see beyond its own borders, for a growing company that empowers entrepreneurialism and the creative freedom to deliver emerging business models on a Global scale. I think it’s pretty fair to say that the status quo was done for me. The same holds true for business.

The people that I know in industry are desperate to do more with data, and those that aren’t don’t know it yet, or are avoiding it, because changing the way you do things can be pretty darned scary (no shame).  However, this fear doesn’t have to hold you back. In my experience, it has proven to provide a huge opportunity to make things happen. It’s led me to a great company in W2O, with an amazingly open culture that allows me to play up to my strengths, who fosters constant learning from peers and clients alike, that allows me to dig deeper into my passion for digital analytics, that strives to peel back the layers of the social healthcare conversation, who wants me to help uncover how this all fits together on a global scale (with three generations of digital natives working side-by-side), and who wants me to do it from the Live Music Capital of the World. Not too shabby, I tell you.

Are you still worried about change? Don’t be. Embrace it. We’re hard-wired for it, and I’m pretty sure Metathesiophobia is a made up word.