Year end is always a great time to look back and assess what worked and what didn’t from a business perspective. This includes marketing campaigns, content efforts, social media engagement, sales activities, etc. In particular, reviewing which posts on your corporate or personal blog resonated can be a helpful way to better understand your customers’ and prospects’ interests. Not only is it a good reminder to focus on what works (you’ll notice that four of the top ten blog posts are list based), it’s also an excellent time to catch up on content that we may have missed in the hustle and bustle of our busy day to day lives.

By way of disclaimers, I do have the good fortune of holding a few of the spots on this list. However, I did decide to put this list together before I knew the results. And in fairness, my colleagues, Greg Matthews and Brian Reid, own a number of our top 10 health care/MDigital Life blog posts, many of which have higher numbers than our social media focused posts. To that end, I split up the list of our top posts for two reasons: 1) I figured that while there will be some overlap, the two audiences are somewhat different and 2) there were so many good posts on the WCG blog this year, it was a shame to limit the number of highlighted posts to just 10! It is important to note that our President, Bob Pearson, does most of his blogging over at Pre-Commerce, so his posts didn’t get included in this list. Going forward, we are going to start co-mingling the content from both blogs so you should see a number of his posts appear in this list next year at this time.

With that as the background, here are this year’s winners:

  • Location-Based Marketing Resources by Aaron Strout (7,298 | 17 Retweets) – This is more of a compilation of location-based marketing and mobile resources that I use at speaking events. But still, it’s got some useful information and shows the power of “resource” based blog posts to draw readership.
  • The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself by Aaron Strout (4,693 views | 11 Retweets) – A post about the importance of leading and engaging in social media — as an individual or a brand — with confidence.
  • What Does It Cost to Say I’m Sorry? by Aaron Strout (4,647 views | 103 Retweets) – Every brand has its good moments and its not so good. This post discusses how US Airways makes good on an annoying snafu by apologizing through social media.
  • Seven Steps to Building a Better Listening Program by Chuck Hemann (4,558 views | 95 Retweets) – Pragmatic tips from one of our analytics leaders (who is also co-authoring a book on analytics) on how to build a better listening program.
  • 2012 Location-Based Marketing Predictions by Aaron Strout (4,537 views | 52 Retweets) – Review of the location-based marketing space by a dozen industry experts (brand and startup) on where the space has been and where it’s headed.
  • Big Brands Weigh in on Social Engagement by Aaron Strout (3,670 views | 72 Retweets) – Several brands including Intel, Intuit, Michaels Stores, SAP and H&R Block (a few of which whom are clients) weigh in on the importance of engaging prospects and customers across the social web.
  • Five Takeaways from SXSW Interactive 2012 by Chuck Hemann (3,416 views | 46 Retweets) – Five key trends from SXSW Interactive 2012 by our Austin head of analytics, Chuck Hemann.
  • Five Cool Facts from Facebook’s Awesome New Study by Brian Reid (3,389 views | 43 Retweets) – Head of media outreach, Brian Reid, summarizes a ground breaking report Facebook put out in January of 2012 involving some interesting experiments they conducted with 250 million Facebook members.
  • Five Tips for a Successful Twitter Chat by Lauren Warthan (3,136 views | 46 Retweets) – If you ever want to run a Twitter chat (great opportunity to raise awareness and/or engagement with your brand), Lauren’s recommended tips are a great resource.
  • Introducing W2O Group by Jim Weiss (3,005 views | 89 Retweets) – Our CEO and founder, Jim Weiss, announces a new parent organization for WCG as well as new sister agency, Twist Marketing.

The big take away from this list? We did a pretty good job at creating content that people care about (there are at least 40-50 other posts that had views over 1,000). It also demonstrates that numbered lists, prescriptive recommendations and interviews with brands and experts (not mutually exclusive) resonate.

Is there a post on the WCG blog that you really liked this year that’s not on the list above? If so, feel free to include in the comments below.