When I asked my colleagues to share their thoughts for this list, I didn’t expect to be genuinely touched by the answers. But so many submissions reflected the respect we have for each other and our clients, it made me doubly thankful to be at BrewLife.

Drumrollllllll (or drumstick), please…

Thanksgiving_main1. The unbelievably smart, supportive people that we work with every day. Together we make each other better, keep work fun and deliver outstanding results for clients.

2. Entrepreneurs whose drive to invent new things and disrupt the status quo fuels innovation and creates opportunities that make the world a better place.

3. Clients that give us a seat at the table, and see us as an extension of their internal team, not as outside vendors.

4. Being in a place where we all have a voice and can be heard, whether it’s one-on-one, at a meeting or simply across the office.

5. Clients with such passion and commitment to their vision that we can feel the emotion in their voices and see the excitement in their eyes. We become believers in their mission, and that’s when the best work happens.

6. The mute button when colleagues are engaging in lively discussion or sharing their infectious laughter while we’re on calls.

7. Working with so many clients that are making a real difference in patient care—when we go home, we can say we’ve helped to Save The World.

8. That we never go a month without a birthday cake. So far, we’ve had at least one birthday to celebrate each month.

9. The opportunity to be part of the adventure as our clients re-imagine the world around us. Early-stage companies are just the most fun to work on.

10. Soccer balls in the office. Under desks, on desks, soaring overhead.