UPDATED 3/19/13

Living by our mantra of failing fast and recognizing and rectifying mistakes quickly and transparently, I inadvertently and absent-mindedly did not list our London office promotions —  which were communicated to them personally late last year — in yesterday’s Blog Post.  I am reposting yesterday’s Blog post today to call out our London colleagues who deserve an equal shout of recognition, admiration and gratitude — with an “I’m sorry” thrown in for good measure.

PS:  That makes more than 50 promotions company wide along the long hallway, not the nearly 50 I referenced yesterday with more to come in September.  Way to Go.Ahead!


When we reported our business results and highlights last week, the simple explanation I gave for our 12th year of double-digit growth was “great people doing great work for great clients.” The mantra since day one has not been to be the biggest but to be the BEST! Why suck, right?

In particular, our great people make our business what it is so we need to recognize and reward achievement to sustain a true “meritocracy.”

We were pleased to promote nearly more than 50 among our best and brightest and expect more to come this Fall.

Our colleagues listed below reflect the spirit and accomplishment of the organization and deserve a shout out of respect, admiration and gratitude.

Full List of Promotions:

  1. Josh Baldwin – Sr. Account Manager, tWist
  2. Haifa Barbari – Director, Digital
  3. Erin Bittner – Account Director, tWist
  4. Andy Boothe – Director, Data Engineering
  5. Morgan Carricarte – Account Associate, WCG Healthcare
  6. Lauren Chapman – Manager, Analytics
  7. Jaclyn Cohen – Sr. Account Manager, WCG Healthcare
  8. Muna Cullivan – Manager, Analytics
  9. Kelly Davisson – Account Director, WCG Healthcare
  10. Anna Dorfman – Account Manager, WCG Healthcare
  11. Kristen Drake – Account Director, tWist
  12. Mary Claire Duch – Managing Director, tWist
  13. Seth Duncan – Group Director, Analytics
  14. Paul Dyer – Managing Director, Media & Engagement
  15. Jessie Eborn – Sr. Manager, Finance
  16. Emma Ferguson – Manager, Analytics
  17. Dina Folkman – Group Director, Talent & Culture
  18. Colin Foster – Managing Director, tWist
  19. Audrey Gross – Sr. Account Manager, WCG Healthcare
  20. Tom Haan – Managing Director, BrewLife
  21. Nadia Hasan – Sr. Account Manager, WCG Healthcare
  22. Chuck Hemann – Group Director, Analytics
  23. Diane Holst – Managing Director, Talent & Culture
  24. Chris Iafolla – Acount Director, tWist
  25. Darcy Keane – Sr. Account Manager, WCG Healthcare
  26. Dana Kinker – Sr. Account Manager, WCG Healthcare
  27. Allison Klein – Sr. Account Manager, WCG Healthcare
  28. Steph Layton – Sr. Manager, Facilities & Operations
  29. Rachel Leslie – Account Manager, tWist
  30. Vicky Lewko — Group Director, WCG Corporate & Strategy
  31. Luis Mendoza – Staff Accountant, Finance
  32. Robin Nasby – Sr. Account Manager, WCG Healthcare
  33. Jennifer Ormerod – Associate Creative Director
  34. Becky Ostrom – SVP, Finance & Operations
  35. Amy Pasqua – Account Director, tWist
  36. Adam Pedowitz – Account Director, WCG Corporate & Strategy
  37. Shannon Richardson – Group Director, tWist
  38. Lisa Shichijo – Sr. Account Manager, WCG Healthcare
  39. Hayley Soffer – Managing Director, WCG Healthcare
  40. Aaron Strout – Managing Director, W2O Social Commerce
  41. Ashley Swartz – Account Director, WCG Healthcare
  42. Elise Trent – Account Manager, tWist
  43. Carolyn Wang – Managing Director, WCG Health
  44. Brandon Watts – Sr. Account Manager, Analytics
  45. Beth Weiss – Sr. Manager, Facilities & Operations
  46. Stephen Yoon – Manager, Analytics

You are an inspiration to us all!

Way to Go. Ahead.