Upside-Down Analytics and the W2O Hospital Index

Ever since we launched MDigitalLife at the Mayo Clinic last October (KevinMD Article; Slideshare Presentation), our team at the W2O Group has been going full blast to build out the software platform for creating Custom Search Engines. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, I think that I can get you up to speed pretty quickly with this mini-glossary:

Upside-Down (Audience-Focused) Analytics: “Traditional” social analytics looks at the entire web through a lens of keywords that define a topic in order to fully understand that topic as it lives online, including knowing the people who are talking about it. Audience-focused analytics looks at the web through a lens of a very specific, finite audience in an attempt to understand everything that they say and do. It’s the closest online equivalent we have to the marketing research focus group.

Custom Search Engine: The software that lets us take any list of people or entities, quickly build out the full “digital footprint” for those entities (e.g., web site, blog, twitter, facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.) and then query that database on any subject.

MDigitalLife: The first and only database of physicians’ online profiles that’s tagged to a national physician registry. It allows us to drill into any topic and understand how doctors are talking about it; how often they’re talking about it; to whom they’re talking about it; where they get their most trusted information about it, etc.

With that background, let me introduce the latest entry into the world of custom search engines:

We debuted this data set recently at the Texas Hospital Association’s annual Communications Summit in Austin, Texas and got some terrific feedback. Given the turmoil associated with the US Healthcare system today, we know that understanding the players is the equivalent of having a good engine and a strong rudder when navigating tricky currents. That’s what gets us so fired up about having access to not only a window into the online world of physicians, but of hospitals as well … and these are only the first. Stay tuned for more Custom Search Engine work in the weeks and months ahead!

For those who’d like to know more about the concept of Upside-Down Analytics, I have posted a 10-minute presentation I gave at the 2013 Social Commerce Summit in March of 2013 … Let me know if you’re interested in the 2014 version, to be held in Austin just before South by Southwest’s Interactive (SxSWi) conference begins on March 6.


Greg Matthews
Greg Matthews

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