Using Facebook Live To Activate Influencers

We look at the market through the lens of the 1:9:90 audience framework. We didn’t create this model, but we have perfected it over the last seven years in activating influencer programs and the model has proven to be true across all verticals and industries.

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The “1%” drive the market based on their actions – what they write, what they tweet about or what they say at events and interviews. They are influencers and are seen as subject matter experts for a specific topic. Our algorithms show that there are never more than 50 people who drive the majority of share of conversation for a brand or a topic in a given country or language.

The “9%” are highly active online. They recommend, share, sign up, download, comment and take other actions that let their community of peers know what they think about certain topics. In many respects, this group serves as the “trust filter” for a the rest of the market.

The “90%” are the great majority of any market. They lurk and learn. This group is satisfied with using search for discovering new products or consuming the content of their peers. They decide how compelling the 1% and the 9% really are in telling your brand’s story based on their purchase behavior.

Facebook ‘Live’ is one way to activate the 1%. The social network announced a new feature that enables public figures (athletes, celebrities, influencers, etc.) with verified Pages to share real-time video with their Facebook audience. This new tool allows for authentic conversation from influencer to the online community, in which public figures can share ‘behind the scenes’ moments, photo shoots, at-home activities, etc. to help raise awareness of an experience and/or a branded opportunity. The 9% of active users who see these videos, can like, comment and share the material and set the trust for the 90%. Brands should consider ‘Live’ when partnering with influencers to help reach new audiences, encourage community engagement and promote branded opportunities.

You can learn more about Facebook ‘Live’ here or the below Slideshare.

Samantha Hershman
Samantha Hershman

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