American Vaccine Confidence: Strong and Holding Steady

Last month, W2O published the first in a series of reports that look at the ways in which social media and search data signal important themes to help leaders and communicators build vaccine confidence in America. We saw a prevailing tailwind, supporting the movement toward vaccinating the US population.

In this second vaccine confidence report, we compared data from December 2020 to January 2021. It is clear that vaccine confidence is strong and holding steady. Despite the ups and downs in the news cycle and uncertainty of accessing the vaccine, social and search data reveal that segments evaluated remain committed to vaccinating when supplies are available. Importantly, the “Right” indicates a notable increase in the likelihood to vaccinate from 41% to 59% month over month. We seek to help leaders and communicators better understand motivations, across political segments and geography.

In this report, you will learn more about the following insights:

  • Rise of the Vaccination Social Post: People are declaring their vaccinations with posts on social media. This pride serves as encouragement for others.
  • Motivations for Outliers and Fence-sitters: Those who continue to declare that they will not get vaccinated are doing so, not because of vaccine efficacy or safety but because they are generally distrustful of state and federal government officials and do not believe COVID-19 is much of a threat to them personally.
  • Doubts Remain on Broad Immunity: One area of concern emerges when looking at perceptions on broad immunity. More than one-third of all segments believe that we will never achieve herd immunity. Lack of faith in logistical coordination at local and state levels persists.

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