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I don’t like to look back at breaking news in our “90 Seconds” videos, but the Senate Finance Committee’s report on insulin prices is likely to have an impact that extends beyond the current news cycle, and I explain why in this week’s installment. — Brian

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Confused about Medicaid rebate caps (or the prospect of their elimination)? We lay out in the basics of the issue with West Health’s Sean Dickson in our latest Redeeming Value pod.

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Patient-reported measures are a critical element of next-generation health care, but social media may provide an important, additional ways to gather patient-reported performance measures. W2O’s Discern team laid out the details in a Journal of Clinical Pathways blog post.

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Asia is a laggard is standing up health technology assessments. Bruce Wang, from W2O’s Elysia health economics group, joined a group of other experts in laying out some of the practical issues to be considered in Asian HTAs in a Value in Health publication.

Geek Out with the Paper

The ICER Unsupported Price Increase report dropped this week. But the most interesting — and important — part of the document had to do not with what the system spent, but rather how and why falling prices saved the health care system $2.5 billion.

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Each year on New Year’s Eve, we take a crack at predicting what the next 12 months will bring. Our best bets for 2021? Action on Part D, profits from China and more.

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It’s a January 1 tradition: the media swarm to cover beginning-of-the-year price increases. But those stories often leave readers more confused about the drug-pricing system. Instead, we’re hoping that reporters consider these five critical pieces of context when they pen their stories.

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State transparency reports have been the rage, but are they having an impact? We looked at social sharing of 23 different reports, finding that nearly all of them generated zero — zitch, nada — social response.

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Each day, we summarize and analyze the day’s news in Recommended Daily Value.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Minority Communities in America is a Functioning Tragedy

Our Lauren Oubre spoke with Dr. Robert Fullilove, Associate Dean for Community and Minority Affairs, Professor of Clinical Sociomedical Sciences at Columbia University about racial disparities in the United States and abroad, comparing COVID-19 with HIV and explaining how pharmaceutical companies have a role in bridging gaps in care.

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March-In Rights: A Brief History

“March-in rights” — a legal route by which the government can take control of intellectual property —  has been in the spotlight during the Biden transition. We took a deep dive into the attempts to use the tool in the past.

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Oct. 30, 2020: Ted Slafsky on 340B, How We Got Here, and Where We’re Going
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Oct. 20, 2020: Peter Kolchinsky on Where Drug-Pricing Policy Solutions Go Wrong
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Sept. 29, 2020: Jason Shafrin on Where — and Why — ICER Really Matters
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Sept. 16, 2020: Jason Buxbaum, Medicines and Life Expectancy
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Earlier this fall, we compiled a timeline of 340B news to help you stay up-to-date with the ongoing drama. Today, we dive into how these events have played out on social media this year. The voices are louder, the spotlight is much more on specific pharma companies than the industry as a whole, and policymakers are increasingly vocal as well.