At the inaugural W2O healthcare leadership event last month in New York, we had the chance to ask some notable clients, healthcare leaders, and journalists the following three questions:

  1. Does Amazon’s purchase of the Washington Post signal a new era coming for newspapers?  And what is the future of health/medical journalism?
  2. Do you think reporters have all the resources they need to cover complex health/medical topics?  If no – How can we improve the situation?
  3.  “Who is the must-follow person for healthcare on social media?  How active are you online?

Their responses reveal some interesting insight on how social media in particular is having a strong influence on how developments in the healthcare industry are reported on by journalists and absorbed by readers.  And we at W2O, continue to gain insight from our sponsorship of this unique event. Learn more here.

Jim Larkin/Lauren Barbiero – W20 Earned Media Team