Hello W2O,

Please see below for more insights coming out of the W2O Go. Ahead in Health Summit.

W2O Public Affairs (Kieran Fagan)
Kieran Fagan joined us to discuss W2O’s outlook for building out our public affairs offering. He pointed out that we can apply our analytics, creativity and public affairs practices to target and engage key decision makers of legislation and public policy, which will give us the opportunity to become more involved with legislations that impact our clients. By synthesizing data gathered through analysis of conversation, influencer identification, and the congressional digital database, we can use this information to help our clients stay ahead of issues and address them appropriately when they arise. The congressional digital database is a data set of all public online communications from all members of congress that allows us to know who is talking, listen to what they are saying and how it is trending, where they are saying it, and to what depth.

W2O has also partnered with a DC-based public affairs and lobbying firm based in Washington D.C. The firm brings senior-level participation in key executive branch and legislative processes that develop and shape public policy and regulatory decisions. This partnership will be a huge part in driving our public affairs efforts moving forward.

Panel: Affordable Care Act
Moderator: Elise Trent
Panelists: Jared Danielson, Brian Reid, John Osborn
Elise Trent prompted panelists to discuss the Affordable Care Act and its potential effect on our nation and company as a whole. Setting political views aside, the conversation opened up to the audience and our W2Oer’s asked some pertinent questions. All we know for sure is that there are still alot of lingering questions when it comes to how successful the ACA will be. Our wise panelists agreed that it will be the citizens that will determine the outcomes of this new Act.  Ultimately, whether we like or not, the ACA is enforced and we have to find a way for all parties to deal with it.

Clinical Trial Recruitment (Dorcas Lind)
Dorcas spoke about the changing landscape for clinical trial recruitment and how to address the current challenges with new, innovative approaches. With access to information increasing and patients and caregivers becoming more active online, it is more important than ever to ensure that patients are educated about treatment options and their benefits. Looking forward, companies will need to use analytics to drive strategy, engage key influencers and create awareness with customized content, implement multi-channel engagement, and activate study site coordinators on social platforms. This will help lead to better, qualified patients, accelerated enrollment and fewer dropouts.

Best Integrated Account (Greg Reilly and Danielle Whitney)
Merck – EMD Serono won this year’s Go. Ahead in Health Award for best integrated account. Greg Reilly and Danielle Whitney joined us to discuss how their team approached the challenge to deliver a multi-pronged program to coordinate digital strategy on a global scale. They explained that collaboration across multiple disciplines depends on team dynamic, relationships and execution. If we are providing diverse offerings then our client contacts should be diverse as well. Developing senior-level relationships and holding integrated planning meetings with our clients will help develop stronger partnerships and create more efficiency in driving our plans. From an internal standpoint, clarity of roles and responsibility, and flexibility are essential for operations. Discuss business problems frequently to come prepared with solutions.

Overall, the Go. Ahead in Health Summit energized and aligned our practice heading into 2014. We left the summit prepared to tackle the challenges ahead and continue to do great work for great clients.