W2O Group Asks Corporate Brands, “Are You Relevant?”

Today we unveiled a new corporate intelligence model and index measuring “Relevance” of leading organizations and corporate brands. The W2O Group Relevance Model and Index provides a decision-making protocol to marketers and communicators looking to connect consistently and authentically on multiple levels with key audiences.

What it Means

The W2O Group Relevance Model begins with a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s audience reality or what the firm calls Audience Architecture.  Dissecting interests, networks, communities, topics – the entire ecosystem of belief – into a relatable data set that can be assimilated and acted upon in real time.

From there, it’s about truly grasping your Narrative or how your description of the organization melds with the marketplace.  Your Narrative is the foundational platform from which to dimensionalize the myriad stories that comprise your organization and provide the connection to Relevance.  Segmenting your content into different story lines (aka Narrative Cubes) so you can target those who lead the conversation (influencers) in your category, those who share content (advocates), and those who prefer to “lurk and learn” (the market).   The result provides audiences with the fuel to discover the organization for themselves, where and when they want it, the full picture of a company, brand, product, service, policy, subject or issue.

Relevance is the measure that any organization regardless of size, scope, and category can employ to truly understand and address the reality facing their audiences in a manner that provides mutual benefit.

For a company or corporate brand this is based on audience interest and engagement at the intersection of a company’s business objectives (e.g. based on capabilities, lines of business, and areas of future growth) and societal priorities (e.g. including politics, regulation, community interests, generational trends, and cultural preferences).

Core Framework

W2O’s core Relevance framework provides a unique approach for connecting the dots between social/ digital analytics and traditional stakeholder market research to identify unique integrated insights, as well as key risks and opportunities.

It is built on Interest (organic search) Engagement (content and social media) as well as a company’s custom stakeholder ecosystem (including but not limited to customers, prospects, policy makers, employees, and consumers at large)

Relevance Index: Most Relevant Companies in America

As a mechanism for leading companies to understand and benchmark relevance, W2O has also used components of the core framework to create a first of its kind index. Based on Interest (organic search), engagement (content and social), and Insider Signal (based on Employees and Financial Analysts) W2O has benchmarked over 225 of the largest (by revenue and market cap) and most disruptive (based on private valuations of $1B or more – aka “Unicorns”) companies operating in the US.

Impact of Relevance

The top tier of most relevance companies – those with Strong (>75) or Resilient (>85) scores – are a unique group. Many of them are familiar, but they rarely all appear in one place. Rather than leading on any one impact measure, these companies lead on multiple – market share, brand value[1], employment desirability[2], reputation[3], and innovation[4]

Relevance Stand-Outs: Facebook, Google, and… Delta?

It is not surprising that in today’s social/ digital age the two major Relevance standouts are Facebook and Google. Beyond being highly relevant themselves, they are also the leading platforms for other organizations to be relevant. Although many of the most relevant companies are tech-related a number of more traditional players are also represented, including The Walt Disney Company, Starbucks, Nike, and Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines was also one of the more unique standouts, being based primarily on Insider Signal (Employees & Financial Analysts), vs. interest & engagement.

[1] Source: Brand Finance
[2] Source: LinkedIn Most Desirable Employers
[3] Source: Fortune’s Most Admired Companies
[4] Source: Most Innovative Company Rankings (Fast Company, BCG)

This blog post was co-authored by Rob Jekielek, Managing Director at W2O Group. He is the lead architect of W2O’s Corporate Relevance Framework and brings deep expertise building and leading Fortune 100 corporate brand and reputation programs – Fueled by cutting-edge research & social/ digital analytics and activated across channels & touchpoints (i.e. PESO – Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned).

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