W2O Group and TLF Welcome Four New Faces to Healthcare

We are excited to announce that in partnership with The LAGRANT Foundation (TLF), our company recently welcomed four bright, aspiring communicators to multiple offices across the country. The four new team members will contribute to various areas of the agency’s public relations and communications teams.

Instead of us trying to summarize why these four bright, young women decided to work with the LAGRANT Foundation and ultimately join W2O Group, we thought we’d let them speak for themselves. Below you will find the four podcast interviews I conducted with Zahara, Jenna, Perla and Karen. Thanks to all four for taking time out of their busy schedules to share their stories.

Zahara Fisher, Account Associate 

Zahara Fisher, W2O Intern

Kim Hunter, the Founder of The LAGRANT Foundation is a close family friend so senior year he and the Foundation reached out to the organization on my behalf. It was nice because I had applied to many companies and it’s different having an actual person reach out and bring attention to your application instead of just submitting online. Overall, I think it’s a really great program for helping under-represented groups like myself as a minority get more opportunities and resources that can be a little more difficult otherwise.”

“The thing I really like about W2O is – I had heard about it before – the organization has a great reputation, has grown quickly, works with really great clients. Also – the people. Every time I left a conversation with someone at W2O Group, I left wanting to give the person a hug.  Everyone here is so personable, so smart, and really driven and dedicated to the work they do. I also really like the focus on analytics. It’s nice to have the data support all of the activities going on here.”

Listen to my interview with Zahara below:

Jenna Aguilera, PR Fellow

Jenna Aguilera, W2O Intern

I joined PRSSA my junior year. I wanted to jump right in and get as involved as a could. In PRSSA I met the president of the Pepperdine chapter and she was really involved in The LAGRANT Foundation. She told me about all of the great programs and scholarship opportunities. Ever since, I’ve been happily involved with the LAGRANT Foundation.”

“I got involved with W2O Group as a two-pronged approach. One of my professors was really involved in healthcare PR. She had one of her fellow colleagues come to our class, and he referred me to W2O. Shortly after that, I found out TLF had a partnership with W2O so it was great to see it hit on both ends of my network.”

Listen to my interview with Jenna below:

Perla Serrano, Account Intern

Perla Serrano, W2O Group Intern

Overall I’ve had a very good experience at W2O. It’s definitely fast paced, everyone is also very friendly and helpful. I like that I’ve been experiencing this because I think it’ll prepare me for not only my next school year, but also my next job.”

“I found The LAGRANT Foundation through PRSSA I’ve been heavily involved in PRSSA since my sophomore year. Recently, The LAGRANT Foundation contacted our President and told us they had an opportunity to do some networking and professional development.”

“I thought to myself, ‘do I want to do this and take a leap into a field i’m not familiar with?’ I’m glad I did because the worst thing that could happen is that it doesn’t work out. It was a very nerve-racking process but I’m glad it all worked out.”

Listen to my interview with Perla below:

Karen Kyi, Account Intern

Karen Kyi, W2O Group Intern

I found out about The LAGRANT Foundation through a campus organization at my school called American Marketing Associate. I was immediately drawn to their mission which is providing opportunities and support for students of color and minorities in the field of communications, or marketing. I thought, ‘How often do you get to work that closely with a CEO?’ They’ve helped me so much – I feel like I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot. They’re a great organization and I hope more people can get involved with them.”

“I met Jim and I thought, ‘wow I really like the environment here. The CEO seems great.’ And now I’m here and my experience so far has been really great.

Listen to my interview with Karen below:



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