This week’s Social Scoop highlights recent updates on Instagram and Twitter, including new features that have become popular on other social media sites. Read more to learn about how these updates can help you streamline community management.

DM’s on Desktop

While most brands focus on the mobile user experience, Instagram is expanding its capabilities to the desktop by testing direct messages (DM) in its desktop version. On January 14, Instagram launched DM’s to a small percentage of people and plans to expand to all accounts soon. Having access to Instagram DM’s via desktop will be helpful for community management processes, especially for reporting adverse events and easily reviewing and responding on a desktop view.

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Source: Social Media Today, The Verge, Forbes

Repost Story Mentions with Ease

Instagram is adding a new feature to Stories that makes it easier to find and share Stories that mention a user’s profile. This will be available under “Instagram Stories Create” mode, where users can swipe through the carousel of filters on the bottom of the screen until they find the “@” symbol, which populates any live Stories that mention their profile. For profiles that receive a high volume of DMs, Story mentions may get lost in a user’s inbox. This feature will allow community managers to quickly find and engage with Stories featuring user-generated content, customer reviews or during live events (e.g., employees attending an event or a medical meeting).

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Source: Digital Information World, Social Media Today, @MattNavarra on Twitter

IGTV Button Removed from Instagram Banner

Instagram has removed the IGTV button that was previously found at the top right corner of the app because no one was clicking it. The longer-form video accessory on Instagram has experienced slow uptake because of the success of Tik Tok and because users are unwilling to click away from their Instagram feed to watch/engage with longer-form videos. IGTV is not going away and users will still be able to post content and share longer-form videos on Instagram. Tik Tok has IGTV beat for downloads by nearly 80%, with content creators finding success on this new viral platform, suggesting that it’s an ideal place for content creators.

(via The Verge)

Sources: CNN , The Next Web, Gazette Review

Twitter Direct Messages to Become More Animated

Have you ever stared at a DM trying to think of the perfect response when a simple emoji would do? Twitter recognizes this dilemma and is taking yet another trick from Instagram’s playbook by incorporating emoji reactions in DM’s. A user can tap the small heart and plus icon on the right of each DM or double tap the message on mobile to access the emoji reaction menu. This will be a useful tool for community managers who want to casually acknowledge a DM.

(via 9 to 5 Mac)

Sources: The Verge, Search Engine Journal, Tech Crunch

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