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Wondering what all that football was interrupting those commercials? Us too. Check out our Super Bowl commercial recap, along with updates from Facebook, Snapchat, and Pinterest!

The Winners of USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter Are…

  • Over the years, Super Bowl commercials have become a reason to watch the game in their own right. Advertisers, football fanatics, and pretty much anyone with a TV gather to watch and critique these commercials. With a vast reach, these brands become the highlight of the next day’s office conversation. At around $5M for a 30-second spot, brands go all out to create some of the funniest and most powerful commercials of the year. This year’s highlights included a live commercial from Snickers which, interestingly enough, was not the first live Super Bowl ad. Schlitz beer took that claim to fame in 1981! USA Today rates these ads on their annual Super Bowl Ad Meter and the results are in: Kia is the winner.

Additional resources: AdvertisingAge; AdWeek

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Facebook Will Give Some Longer Videos a Boost in the News Feed

  • Attention story tellers: Facebook made a minor algorithm tweak that could greatly impact video content. The new algorithm makes video view measurement more consistent across short and long-form video content. Where previously, video views were measured by percentage and weighted equally, longer videos will get more credit for a longer percentage view. This applies to video views that are completed and those that are not. In a blog post, Facebook explained the change will give long-form video content a boost in the news feed but is not intended to incentive any length of video. In fact, the purpose of this change is to encourage video length to be determined based on the story being told above all.
  • What it means for brands: Until now, brands were often advised to create shorter-form video content for Facebook to gain optimal view metrics. The algorithm change hopes to balance the metrics to empower brands to create videos that are “whatever length is required to tell a compelling story that engages people.” Viewers will likely see a bump in longer-form video content and brands are freer to tell stories at the length that fits the story as opposed to trying to fit stories into as short of a video as possible. Metrics will see an impact for any videos but, in the long run, this is great news for brands and lifts the strain on creativity when it comes to telling stories via video content.

Additional resources: Tech Crunch

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(via Tech Crunch)

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Pinterest Begins Rolling Out Search Ads for Keywords and Shopping Campaign

  • It seems like Pinterest introduces a new ad type every few weeks, and we love it. The latest ad type opens Pinterest’s search function to advertisers. As most pin searches are not brand-focused, this feature offers the opportunity for brands to catch users when they’re searching for specific item. While rich pins appear in related searches alongside user content, these new pins will appear as users type in the search bar.
  • What it means for brands: This new function is currently only available to certain Pinterest partners but keep your eyes open for the full rollout. Some of these partners have reported increases in in-store sales, which is great news for social advertisers everywhere. We can’t wait to see how this feature unfolds and the impact it may have on sales.

Additional resources: AdvertisingAge

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(via Tech Crunch)

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Snapchat Expands Ad Tech to Enable Self-Serve Buying

  • The wait is over. Snapchat is finally opening its ad platform to enable self-serve buying like Facebook and Twitter. Until now, brands had to work directly with Snapchat reps in “creative partnerships” to advertise on the channel. That meant more work, potentially higher costs, and less control. With a self-serve platform, marketers will be able to purchase ad spots on their own through a process we expect to look like Facebook or Twitter’s APIs. Marketing Land reports the API will provide campaign management features such as A/B testing, as well as a “creative API” for assistance in video-ad creation. Not surprisingly, the company seems to be buckling down on simplifying and growing their ad presence in advance of their expected IPO.
  • What it means for brands: Quality is key. Though jumping on this new opportunity at the very first chance can be tempting, be sure not to sacrifice quality. In addition, we can expect the initial launch will be overwhelming for the company so Snapchat is adding sixteen partner companies to aid with the launch of the new feature. Big name brands, including Gatorade and Nissan, participated in the now-ended Beta phase so brands can look to their content for guidance.

Additional resources: Marketing Land; Marketing Dive

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