The latest social updates? IGTV to welcome ads, Instagram rolls out new follower categories, Facebook develops new business capabilities on Messenger, and Reddit makes its way to broadcast.


IGTV To Welcome Ads

  • Instagram recently announced that it will soon enable ad capabilities within IGTV. This update will provide content creators and brands the ability to earn compensation by sharing ads throughout their long-form content. It is believed that content creators will earn a specific percentage of revenue through “Ad Breaks.” A similar revenue approach for content creators is used across Facebook Watch and YouTube. By monetizing IGTV, Instagram’s hope is that IGTV will be able to better compete with those other platforms. 
  • What this means for brands: This new feature will make influencers and brands more inclined to leverage IGTV. Currently, of Instagram’s 1 billion+ users, only an estimated 7 million have installed the IGTV app. In addition, the lack of monetization capabilities is believed to have contributed to the absence of stellar content across the platform. With monetization involved, content creators and brands are likely to generate content specifically for IGTV, bringing their large audiences with them. Healthcare brands will need to stay apprised of capabilities and limitations around monetization to assess possible impacts to their IGTV strategies – both for owned and influencer content.

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Instagram Enables New Insights on Engagement

  • Instagram has rolled out new categories within the ‘Following’ tab. With this update, users are now able to see which accounts they “Least Interact With” and those that are “Most Shown” within their feed. The “Least Interact With” category displays the accounts that a user may be inclined to unfollow or mute based on lack of engagement with their content. The “Most Shown” category gives the user insight into their preferred accounts and the type of content they engage with most frequently.
  • What this means for brands: As this change is implemented, Instagram users will likely become more selective with who they follow. Recent trends have shown that platforms such as Instagram have started encouraging users to curate their feeds to maximize engagement. Brands will now be able to pinpoint fans who are no longer engaged with their content and focus on the ones who are. By focusing on engagement, brands will be able to monitor insights from their followers and update content strategies on an ongoing basis. Healthcare brands may leverage these new features to continually evolve their Instagram follower strategies.

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Facebook Extends New Messenger Capabilities for Businesses

  • Facebook has launched the beta version of a ‘one-time notification’ for businesses on Messenger. Prior to this update, businesses had 24 hours to respond to a message initiated by a user and were allotted one additional message outside of the 24-hour window. With this update, businesses on Facebook will be allowed to send automated follow-up messages and allow users to opt-in to receive further updates based on their initial inquiry. The new API includes restrictive parameters to ensure brands do not bombard or spam users.
  • What this means for brands: This update allows brands to stay engaged with users through Messenger on an ongoing basis. As a result, users will no longer need to reach out to a brand for a second or third time to receive further information. This change will reduce the effort needed on the user’s side to stay up-to-date on a particular topic or to resolve an issue. If fully implemented, brands can use this as an opportunity to build relationships with users over time. As healthcare brands determine opportunities around this feature, they will want to be particularly mindful of legal and regulatory impacts.

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Reddit Partners with Tagboard

  • Reddit has partnered with Tagboard to enable a partnership with TV broadcasters across the platform. In addition to serving as a hub for users to exchange views across a wide range of topics, Reddit has recently become a popular platform for news to break and trending stories to be shared. This new partnership allows broadcasters to use Reddit content in their programs, helping media companies streamline their approach. Reddit has already partnered with broadcasters, including the NFL Network and local news networks, to provide direct updates sourced from Reddit threads.
  • What this means for brands: Reddit has more than 430 million monthly active users and prides itself on strong user engagement. Brands may feel inclined to use this partnership as a way to make strategic ad and media placements. Because this partnership will make it easier for Reddit content to make its way into broadcast, it is important for brands to be strategic with their content across the platform.

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