Calling all watching-random-videos-until- 3 a.m.- social users AND it’s-EOD-on-Friday mental blockers. The Social Scoop is here to present you with unavoidable solutions. Scrubbing through autoplay videos will soon be even more of a guilty pleasure with sound and a brandy new TV app. Finding “that dress” on Pinterest will be a breeze when you have “nothing” to wear. Snapchat users are big fans of brand videos, and a 27-page long report proves it. Check it out!

Facebook Autoplay Videos Will Soon Play With Sound, if That’s What You Want

  • Grab your headphones! Facebook finally announced audio-enabled autoplay videos are going to be a “thing” by the end of 2017. The much-anticipated feature will slowly increase sound as users continue to watch a video, and as users scroll, the sound will then fade and the cycle repeats. Not a huge fan blaring your phone in public? Don’t worry. Users will be able to disable the feature in their settings.
  • What it means for brands: This feature applies to organic, brand and ad Considering the success of Snapchat with sound-enabled video ads, it’s pretty evident that content creators and brand managers will have to switch their thinking. There will no longer be a need to create content that is silent, and sound will be an extra oppporutnity to tell your story. Brands need to expand their thinking to not only factor in, but ultimately, optimize video content for sound.

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Facebook Launches a Standalone TV App

  • If you’re sick of scrolling through your Facebook feed to get to the next “swarm of Corgis” video, scroll no more. Facebook launched a TV app that allows users to watch videos from friends, “Liked” pages, and current top live videos. Users will also receive recommendations based on what they already viewed. This app is not intended to say “bye Netflix,” but rather to compliment to Facebook’s already booming video initiatives (think: mid-roll video ads, video thumbnails and the previously-mentioned autoplay audio).
  • What it means for brands: Brand video content can now be viewed in more places than desktop and mobile newsfeeds. Take advantage of that! As brands should already know, Facebook is optimizing for video content to compete with both YouTube and Snapchat. As this growth continues, brands must consider the content types they’re delivering and planning and, in the end, bow down to “the king” (talking about you, video). P.S. The app already launched on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung smart TVs, so brands better get down to business.

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Pinterest’s ‘Lens’ Matches Real-World Objects With Products For Sale

  • Envying the shirt or shoes someone is wearing? Can’t think of a recipe for that impulse buy spaghetti squash? Pinterest’s “Lens” is your go-to feature when you can’t describe what you’re thinking. Combine visual search technology with Pinterest’s wide array of content, and users’ thoughts and ideas are brought straight to the user in the form of related pins.
  • What it means for brands: Users can now experience brand content in another way via visual search. Brands need to ensure their content is optimized for keywords, trends, and topic categories, so it is shown to the right people, at the right time and at an increased rate. It will be beneficial for brands to Identify the trends and staples that are of interest to their audience(s) so delivery and engagement are a direct result of “Lens” capabilities.

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Snapchat Users Are Very Likely to Watch a Brand’s Entire Story

  • More than half of Snapchat users open and watch brand content, and this content is consumed in its entirety 88 percent of the time, which is a huge “W” for Snapchat. According to Snaplytics, “8 percent of an account’s followers watch the user’s stories and 87.5 percent watch all of a story, equivalent to a completion rate.” With no foreseen decline in Snapchat’s daily active users (161 million) and the perk of delivering real-time content, brands can only benefit from the perks of Snapchat Story organic and ad content.
  • What it means for brands: Along with the extreme growth Snapchat is experiencing per month, brands must also consider the content that adheres to this growth: video. According to Snaplytics, of the 11 average pieces of content on a brand’s story, 61 percent of brand content is video, while 39 percent is images. Create and execute content that leads users to not only search for your brand on Snapchat, but follow your brand on Snapchat.

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Google Takes On Cable With ‘YouTube TV’- 40 Channels for $35

  • Been thinking about cutting the (cable) cord? Google’s new YouTube TV could make that, “It’s not me. It’s you,” breakup with cable whole lot easier. The “skinny bundle” streaming service will include the 30-ish channels you want (to name a few: ESPN, MSNBC, E! and National Geographic) for only $35. The price tag also covers five other people. If you don’t have five friends (quality over quantity, right?), you can keep the unlimited cloud DVR to yourself. Maybe your friends will join you for reruns later.
  • What it means for brands: Get a firm grip on (streaming) targeting for your television ad content and get the ball rolling. YouTube plans to establish more credibility with marketers through selling targeted ads on YouTube TV. These ads will be delivered within ad slots that typically go to cable operators. YouTube TV will also introduce on-the-go streaming through a a mobile app. So, commuters and coffee shop connoisseurs, beware.

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Instagram Stories ads- now available for all businesses globally

  • We interrupt this Story to bring you this ad. The very much expected ad capability is here. Think brand capibilities on Facebook (targeting and reach capabilities) now available on Instagram. Yes, this does mean users will see ads from the same brands both in their feed and Stories. Is Instagram being a little extra? Eric Toda, Airbnb’s Global Head of Social Marketing and Content doesn’t think so, especially after seeing “a double digit point increase in ad recall.” He states, “Our ability to apply existing targeting and measurement in an experience to reach the right audience, in the right mindset, with the right story at scale has allowed us to achieve the results we were hoping for…”
  • What it means for brands: Unlike recent award show mishaps, brands need to read what’s in the cards, a.k.a., start budgeting and creating for Instagram Stories The brand opportunities are too good to save for next quarter: Reach existing audiences more frequently. Reach potential audiences faster. Reach both existing and potential audiences in the right place, at the right time. Will brands spend more cash? Yes. Will the spend be worth it? Well, that’s up to you, brands.

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